Laundry Room Redo - Before Pictures

19 October
I've officially started my laundry room redo. Of course I'm not anywhere near being done, it's going to take awhile with all the projects I've got planned. But instead of making you wait until the very end I thought you may like to follow along with the progress as I go!

Today's post is mostly before shots of the room so let's get started so you can get a feel for the room and I'll try to explain some of my plans!

Laundry Room Redo - Before Pictures

This is the view from the living room. You can also see the room from the kitchen so I want this room to look nice!

There are cabinets above the washer and dryer just like the kitchen cabinets... old and dated! I am removing the doors, adding the rope trim to the shelf edges like I did with the DIY Open Shelving in the Kitchen.

I have a plan formulating in my head to hide the ugly electrical panel. I'm also painting the room and all the molding, doors, and cabinets.

There are some weird strips of wood screwed to the walls. The one with all the hooks is pretty obvious what it was used for but the other took me a minute. There is an identical one directly across from it and since they have rounded notches in them I think they probably hung a rod for clothes there. Clever... but they've gotta go!

This is the view from the half bath... there's that other piece of wood on the wall.

I'm planning to keep the wooden peg rack. I like how my ironing board hangs from it so I'm painting the peg rack and putting it back up. I bought a wall mount laundry drying rack to replace the folded up one leaning against the wall there.

This is looking back toward the kitchen.

And this is looking back toward the living room. This is a pretty good shot of my new Samsung front load washer and dryer too! I'm planning to build a counter over the top of them to use as folding space.

This is actually a nice light but it's totally not my style so I'll be replacing it with something else.

So let's see a little bit of progress shall we?

I painted the room with the same Capricorn Gray paint that I used in my new craft studio.

I took the cupboard doors off and put the rope trim on.

And I started painting them! I have one coat on so far... oy, painting inside cupboards is such a pain!

I hope  you'll follow along with my progress! In the meantime you can check out my Laundry Room Inspiration Board on Pinterest to see some ideas that I'm kicking around!

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  1. Yes, that room will look so much better when you're done. We made a small wooden door and hinged it over our electrical panel in my office. It looks nice. The counter over the washer and dryer will be nice.

  2. I can already tell that it's going to look great! How are you liking your front loads? I am considering those when I upgrade. I hear differing opinions on them. I love the grey and the rope trim looks great. Looking forward to following along...:)

  3. It's coming along so nicely. I think it's going to look great! I am painting the built in desk in my kitchen and turning the top cabinet into a china cupboard with glass doors where I can show case my umpteen million (JK) dishes. Happy painting!


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