Laundry Room Redo - Open Shelving and Painting

26 October
I have another update of my laundry room redo to share :o) This week I worked on the new open shelving, installing a new doggie door for Miss Roxanne and Pongo and finishing up all the painting in the room... which was a lot by the way... doors, trim, cupboards, walls, molding... then there was caulking, replacing some missing cupboard trim, etc., etc.

Laundry Room Redo - Open Shelving and Painting

Remember where I started?

Nothing had been painted... or even cleaned up for that matter in these pictures!

To make my new open shelving I took the doors off the cupboards and added some wood rope trim.

I was kind of nervous about putting in the dog door... something about cutting a hole into a perfectly good door makes me nervous! So I asked a friend to help... that way, if we screw up the door we both feel bad and I'm not alone! Ha Ha!

We followed the directions to a T and it was actually pretty easy! Yay! I ordered a severe weather door that has three flaps. One plastic flap on both the inside and the outside and a puffy, yellow insulated middle flap (the yellow flap shows through big time but that's ok). I had read good reviews about this dog door and since it's going into an exterior door I didn't want to feel cold air coming through in the cooler months.

After the door was painted white it looks great I think!

Next I finished up the cupboards turned open storage.

The cupboards are the same Arctic Cotton color that I used on the DIY open shelving in the kitchen and I painted the backs the same Capricorn Grey that I used on the walls.

Then I added pretty aqua colored shelf liner to pretty it up. I didn't want to paint them because I knew I'd be using these shelves a lot more than the kitchen shelves where I did paint the bottoms.

I also painted and then caulked all the baseboard trim.

You can see here what a difference a little caulking makes... One of my favorite home improvement quotes is "Do your best and caulk the rest"! That's my motto! :o)

Now comes the fun  part! Starting to decorate those shelves!

I used baskets on the bottom shelves to hold my laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener; my iron, and cleaning rags.

I love this chevron basket I found at Marshall's but there was only one :o(

I wanted to display my vintage advertising hangers in here so I chose to tack them up in the middle row of shelves. They are very narrow anyway so a normal basket won't even fit. I love how it turned out!

I am still not done as you can tell by the empty shelves but I'm off to a good start!

My mom painted this adorable little chicken for me years ago, isn't he cute!? You should check out her shop, she has some really cute things... all hand painted! Go here to see: Totally-Painted.

I found this candle today at TJ Maxx, I wanted one that had something to do with laundry and TJ didn't let me down!! It smells so fresh and clean, I love it!

So, let's see those before and after shots one more time ;o)


And after...


And after...

This week I'm going to try and find a way to hide my ugly hot water heater and make the shelf to go over the washer and dryer. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a huge improvement! Love the rope detail trim, too. Great job!!

  2. It looks fabulous! So clean and crisp with the white woodwork. Are the doggies using the door?

  3. Looking good! I love the color combo you fresh and clean. The hangers were a great idea. Love the chevron basket. I could spend all day in Marshall's and TJ Maxx! Have a great week...:)

  4. Oh. So. Amazing! I love the way you have open shelves...I am jealous of folks that can have open looks so nice (but I am not a neat person...I need doors to hide my messiness). I adore those advertising cute...don't think I have ever seen those before.


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