New Craft Studio at the Cottage on 2nd Avenue

05 October
Hi everyone! I have been busy creating my new craft studio in my new house. This house is smaller than my last one so I had to combine my craft studio and my business inventory and shipping center for Little Vintage Cottage in one room. Want to take a tour? At this point I'll assume you said yes otherwise you probably wouldn't still be reading! :o)

My new craft studio

First lets take a look at the before shots of all that had to go into this room.

There was some stuff in the room already...

This is all my shop inventory which has to fit into one closet... OY!

More stuff already sitting in the room. These things are mostly storage pieces.

This is all my craft stuff that needs to go into that room! It is sitting outside because I had it in a storage unit and when my mom and I went to get a couple of loads we noticed mouse poop on a few things so I didn't want to take the boxes inside until I made sure there were no mice in them!

So, now lets see how all this fit shall we?!

It's hard to tell from these pictures but I painted the room BEFORE I moved my stuff in (whew!) I chose a light grey color called Capricorn by Parker Paint... Come on in!

Here we are... loaded to the brim with crafty goodness! I'll take you on the tour turning left in a complete circle. I set up my work table away from the wall so I will be sitting behind it with my back to the wall and if someone wants to come create with me they can sit on the other side of the table facing me!

I tried to go with a slightly girly industrial theme if there is such a thing! I used plastic shelving and stacked it high, some old crates stacked on top of one another, and a skinny little white shelving unit.

And I used both wire and fabric baskets along with old sewing machine drawers and bins and boxes of all shapes and sizes.

This is my little crafting guardian angel. I got her at an antique show years ago. She used to be a display piece for a flower shop. She has white feathers for hair!

Another shot of all the shelving units.

keep turning to the left...

And you'll find...

The closet that has all my shop inventory. More plastic shelving works great in there. I still need to get a curtain to hide it all and this and the room will seem far less cluttered.

A little more to the left is a little alcove that has my shipping center. I hung an old crate on the wall to hold small supplies like tape, tags, etc.

Down below the table is my printer and a couple of plastic drawers that hold tissue paper and bubble wrap. I'll have to store all the boxes for shipping in the garage.

I hung an old shoe storage bag on the back of the door, it holds pom-pom trim.

More interesting storage pieces in the form of a fun numbered, tall dresser; vintage suitcases, etc.

The little white shelf hanging on the wall holds my growing red tomato pin cushion collection.

I love this old blue floral lingerie holder and the plastic shelf thing with a zipper is a more recent find. It's actually a divided shoe box and I just turned it on it's side to fit in this little space.

I added shelves to the tall cabinet (it used to be a broom closet) to hold even more!

I know the dolls creep some people out but I love them. Sorry if you're scarred for life now ;o)

This is my favorite vintage latch hook rug, I've had it for years :o)

I found this picture of a little girl (or it might be a boy, not sure) at a garage sale for $1, I thought it was sad that someone's relative had a price tag so low on it so I snatched it up! It's hanging on the front of my work table.

This is my work table. It's an old door with a piece of glass on top.

I decided to put my ribbon collection under the glass since the door has recessed panels that are perfect for display!

On the other side are some vintage pictures and postcards and one of my daughter's high school graduation photos.

This is hanging on the wall behind my table. I found the book rack at a garage sale for $2! The black cubby hole shelf above had a small collection of Eiffel towers and some more supplies.

And this sign just sums it all up! It's what lots of people say when they see some of the things I make... it's also what I say a lot of the time when I'm buying bits and bobs to use in my art!

So what do you think? Want to come craft with me?!

I actually have 3 more boxes of stuff... I don't know if I have any more space... maybe I should just not open the boxes and give them to Goodwill... ya think?!

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  1. You are certainly organized. LOVE your door turned into a desk - genius.

    And yes, I'd love to come craft with you, but you have to put away those creepy doll heads first. LOL.

  2. Wow, Tania! You're getting on so fast with settling into your new home. I'd love to come craft with you if an ocean, a continent and a lot of responsibilities didn't lie between us. Happy crafting!

  3. Oh, you can't give them away unopened. You'll be sorrrrryyy!! LOL! It looks great and it's amazing that you got it all done in a weekend! Less, actually, since we didn't get it all moved from storage till early afternoon on Sat.!!

  4. Hello from Thailand.
    You have a well organize room. I LIKE IT.

  5. Wow, so many great storage solution ideas! I really didn't think you'd get even half your stuff in there so your doing pretty great if you only have 3 boxes left. Of course, I can't tell just how big those boxes are;) I'm so glad you shared your post at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  6. Wow sure packed a lot into the new space! You have so many pieces I love...especially the tall numbered drawers! I say you have to open those last three boxes! It would drive me crazy not knowing what I had given! Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  7. love it I love spaces like this have an area just full of older vintage items that look cool together
    come see us at


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