Laundry Room Redo - DIY Laundry Folding Table

You may remember from my last update, Laundry Room Redo - Open Shelving and Painting, that I was planning on working on a shelf to go over the washer and dryer and a way to hide the ugly hot water heater. Well, I got ONE of those projects done!

How to build a laundry folding table to fit over a front load washer and dryer
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Supplies Needed

To make my new folding table I went to Home Depot with my measurements and had them cut all my pieces for me. I chose maple plywood for the top because they said it takes stain really well and it was less expensive than regular plywood (and looks MUCH nicer)!

I chose poplar plywood for the sides because I took the last piece of maple that they had and poplar was the same price, still a nice plywood, and I knew I was painting the sides so it didn't matter that it was different wood than the top!

Here is how I made my new folding table.

Now you know that no project can be completed without some sort of mess-up! Mine happened right off the bat!

My measurements for the side pieces were too short! So I made a foot piece for each side to raise it up to the measurement it needed to be. This worked out really well because now the sides stood up all by themselves which made it very handy since I was building this all by myself! The sides seem a little more substantial too with this foot piece... so, I guess you'd call that a happy accident!

Here is one side piece standing up. I added a furring strip along the top edge to attach the sides and top together. I actually built the whole table next to the washer and dryer but I forgot to take a picture of that.

I attached it to the wall for extra stability. I used another furring strip for that and screwed it into the studs. Then I slid the whole table (very gently I might add since it was sort of wobbly before attaching it to the wall) over the washer and dryer.

 Yeehaw!!! That little bubble centered on the level is what I like to see!

I cut a little notch in the back for the washing machine cord and then painted the sides before I attached the whole thing to the wall.

I added counter trim to the top to make it look more substantial than just a piece of plywood and that's when the second mess-up happened... when I added that counter trim my little drawer on the washer where you put the detergent wouldn't open!

So... I pried all the trim back off before the glue set up... pulled the nails out... punched myself in the face in the process of trying to pull out a rather difficult nail... I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING... I was kind of a train wreck today!! I dropped a whole tree on myself earlier while I was doing yard work but that's another story!

Then I used my jigsaw and shaved off a little bit from the molding and reattached it... the drawer now opens... whew!!

Here it is all installed and ready to stain!

I used Minwax 21360 Polyshades stain in Honey. It has stain and polyurethane all together so you eliminate all the steps!

I saw a really cute idea on Scavenger Chic where she painted an old laundry logo on her counter. See that post on her blog here. I wanted to do something similar to my counter and I found this cute laundry sign that looked pretty simple to paint.

You can get it free here on Burton Avenue blog.

So, I printed it out, transferred it to my table with transfer paper and got to work!

All done!

I sanded it down a little bit and then put another coat of stain on the table top.

I love how it turned out!

So, my new washer and dryer went from looking like this...

To this...

Hope you all had a nice weekend and you weren't punching yourself in the face and dropping trees on yourself!

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