Master Bedroom Makeover - Before Pictures

27 November
The sun was shining nice and bright this morning so I thought it was the perfect time to take some before pictures for my next room redo project, the master bedroom.

I decided that this room needed to be the next up for a redo because I feel like your bedroom should be a peaceful, restful, and pretty space that you like to be in... not one that you want to leave asap!

I've got ideas brewing as we speak and I've already ordered curtains! So, I'm going to show you the before shots so you can see what I'm working with, but beware, there are not any pretty pictures here :o(

before pictures of my master bedroom

This is looking into the room from the hallway. There were mini-blinds in this room when I bought the house and I left them closed in this shot so you can see how hideous they are! I hate mini blinds and these are ugly blue and not in very good shape at all.

I don't like this furniture arrangement at all so I'll definitely be moving it around. You can see there are several pieces of lime green furniture in here and I've decided to combine that color with dark turquoise and grey for my color scheme.

You can see that it's kind of a dumping ground with the Rubbermaid container on the floor, the window propped up in front of the fireplace, and there's another box of stuff nearby and some clothes that I haven't found a spot for yet at the foot of the bed.

I'm not happy with how my bed looks either.

I'd like something like this...

Source: West Elm
I bought a headboard from a friend. I don't have a picture of it but it looks like something that belongs in a brothel right now! It's red velvet and tufted. I'm going to paint it the dark turquoise color that I choose for the room.

 This is looking back toward the hallway and there's that pile of clothes with no home :o)

The dresser just has stuff sitting on it... no rhyme or reason to it at the moment.

I've had this pretty lady for quite some time, I think she may get a makeover as well.

This is the closet... with the random box of unpacked stuff sitting in front of it :o/ There are no closet doors on any of the closets in the bedrooms so I'll need to come up with a solution for that.

To the left of the closet is the entrance into the half bath.

You can see the half bath goes on through to the laundry room.

And I hate this stupid boob light. Not sure what will take it's place but something cute!

I ordered these curtains from World Market, they are just plain white cotton voile. I might embellish them a little bit, not sure yet. I'm planning on putting up roller blinds/shades and covering them with fabric too.

I'm also taking this rug out. I straighten it out and this is what it does when you take one step onto it. I think I need to find a rug pad that is made for rugs on carpet.

So, that's what's next! I'm excited to get started! 

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  1. Okay Tania, way to go. I have lights throughout my home that look similar to yours that I was totally fine with but now every time I look at them I see boobs. Thanks for that. :)

    Looking forward to your bedroom transformation. I'm working on one of my own as well. Assembling the pieces and trying to pull the trigger and order my bed frame. Just need to go ahead and do it. I have a mattress, box spring, chair and a lamp. Plus some great artwork. It's a start.

  2. I'm so excited to see what you do with this room. Love you kept your before pics real. :) Julie

  3. I'm tired just thinking about it!! Enjoy the transformation!!


  4. I love your color choices- what a great combination. Is that a working fireplace or a decorative one? The placement under the window is strange. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do in here.

  5. Can't wait to see how you transform your room! I love that comforter and it immediately reminded me of this one from BH & G. I love it and had thought about it for my room. It is similar but ruched instead of pin tucked. Check it may like it and it's very affordable.
    Have a great weekend! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. I see a lot of potential in that space. Have fun planning!

  7. Keep checking West Elm. Ohhh I wish I'd seen this earlier. They are having a super sale right now. And lots of things keep going on sale. Plus I will buy the duvet and mix it up with less expensive Euro shams and regular shams.your dream can work! N

    1. Thanks for your comment Gwen! I just ordered some fun wallpaper for an accent wall!


  8. Oh I can't wait to see what you do with this!! This room has great bones (fireplace!!) and you have great stuff. Soooo much potential. And I totally agree- my master bedroom is in sad need of a makeover too...the word "relaxing" would never describe it at this point! Ha! Looking forward to this "after" post. :) xo, Laura

  9. I am trying to get rid of the boob lights in my house too, Tania. They seemed light an inexpensive "fix" to replace the gaudy brass chandys that were in our house when we bought it (10 years ago) but now I am ready to get rid of them! It is fun to watch the progress of your master bedroom re-do!


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