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02 December
I've been anxious to get started on this room redo, I just hate having a bedroom that looks so unappealing, I want restful, beautiful, peaceful... a place that I like to be and I've been obsessed with plans formulating in my head for my perfect bedroom retreat!

I actually started painting the trim in my bedroom on Saturday afternoon but that was short lived because I ran out of paint. So Sunday morning I got some more paint and painted the whole room... trim (floor molding, doors and door trim, windowsills, and closet trim) and walls!

This is my main paint color, it's called Grey Goose and is one shade darker (on the paint card anyway) than the Arctic Cotton color I've been using on all the cabinets, trim, and doors in the house so far. I decided in this house I'm using the same color for all the trim.

In my last house I used different colors and it started to get hard to keep track of what I'd used where. That was a two-story house so it was more broken up too, my new house is a ranch so it will be better for the flow if I use the same color throughout.

So, let's see some before and afters shall we?

Before, plain white with ugly, cheap hollow core door and trim...

After, Grey Goose wall with Arctic Cotton door and trim...



The closet wall before...

And after, notice I only painted the closet bump-out part of this side of the room with a darker color. I think it adds a little more interest :o) I went one shade darker than the Grey Goose and used Olive Grey.

I know it's hard to get a feel for it with just pictures but in person it already feels so much nicer. I've also ordered something special for the end wall here...

It's a surprise and I'm really excited about it!

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  1. I really like what you did with the closet. What color did you paint the celling? The same as the walls or a different color?

  2. I do like painted trim, it looks so much more modern and cleaner too!


  3. I raised my children in a small ranch home very much like yours. I've changed my rooms more time than I can count. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do for trim and walls. I recently changed two rooms to a light gray. I was pleased with it in a dark room but my bedroom is too light. I need to go with a darker shade like you did. That will my project for the new year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the paint colors. =)

  5. Love the colors and the way you painted the bump out a different color. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see the surprise you have ordered for the wall! Have fun...:)

  6. It looks so great and I love that chair!

    1. Thank you Alice =) I'm hoping to make that chair "go" with the room a little more by the end of the makeover!



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