Master Bedroom Redo - Repainting a Second Time and A Surprise Accent Wall!

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I'm back to show you a surprise in my bedroom redo!

rustic boards wallpaper mural

Remember this end wall that I said I had ordered something special for?

Well, here it is!!

YES!!! I love it!

It's the White Wood Planks Texture Wallpaper Mural that I ordered from Amazon! It's kind of like wallpaper, it comes all rolled up in sections. My wall is 12' wide by about 8' tall and this mural was the perfect size and came in 4 sections.

I have to say though, it was HARD to put up by myself!! I think with two people it would be much easier. It is REALLY nice quality, thick paper and it even has a little bit of texture to it!

 It looks amazingly real don't you think?

It came with paste but I just used some regular wall paper paste that I already had. I was a little bit panicked at first because it was really wrinkly and full of air bubbles when I put that first piece up. I must have spent at least an hour on the first piece straightening, smoothing, pulling back down, smoothing, more smoothing, and even more smoothing. I was so frustrated I finally said screw it... and moved on. But by the time I got to the end piece that first one had completely smoothed and flattened itself out! Yippee!

My top edge was a little wonky (probably from trying to do this by myself!) so I cut some individual "boards" out of my leftover piece and put it along the top to hide my imperfections!

I was super happy with how it looked when I got the mural all up but then I hated my Grey Goose color choice from last weekend! :o( It just looked horrible. You can see it here: Master Bedroom Makeover - Paint or up in the first picture. The mural is white and grey as you can see and the paint was really tan and kind of clashed so I repainted today! Luckily I'm a painting superstar! :oD

I mixed my own so I didn't have to go buy more. I used some white that was left here by the previous home owners, the smidge of Capricorn Grey left over from my laundry room and a tiny bit of the Olive Grey from the closet bump out and living room wall. It's a very soft grey now and it looks so much better with the mural!

My curtains also arrived so I'm excited to get those up and get rid of those hideous blue mini-blinds.

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