Master Bedroom Redo - The Big Reveal!

Yay! It's finally time for the big reveal of my master bedroom I've been working on! I hope you're excited to see it because I'm sure excited to share! =)

I have a LOT of pictures... in fact I think it's a bit overwhelming so I've decided to not show it all... at first anyway! Here's the plan... I'll show you the overview of the whole room redo (that's what you've been waiting for anyway right?!), then I'll show some details over the next few days... sound like a good deal? OK!

Master bedroom reveal

I'll show you the before shots again too in case you have forgotten how ugly this room was!

So, here is the before shot of the entrance to my room from the hallway.

When I see this all I can think is Eww... weird furniture arrangement, ugly boob light, hideous blue mini blinds that didn't go with anything I own, and the rug that wouldn't stay put!

But look at it now! It's just how I imagined it in my head.

So let's take a little look around.

This picture hangs right inside the door on the side of the closet wall. I love this picture, it has a little bit of a boho feel I think and that's what I was going for in my room... just a touch of boho... not too much.

Here is a before...

And here is that same corner after... don't believe me? see the two windows?

I put up that AWESOME faux wood wall that I ordered from Amazon here: White Wood Planks Texture Wallpaper Mural.

Here are a couple more before shots of that side of the room...

This is the same wall that I put the mural on and I took down the mini blinds and installed basic white pull down roller shades but then I covered them with fabric for a custom look.


The electric fireplace is now on the opposite side of the room and my bed is under this window now.

This is a good shot of the fabric covered shades and my painted velvet headboard. The "Snooze" letters are something I picked up at an antique store! I used curtain clips to hang them from the curtain rod.

Now let's see that fireplace...

This is on the opposite wall from my bed. I created a gallery wall on this wall too. I'll show you that in more detail later.

This is that same wall before. My dresser is now next to my bed. This dresser along with my vintage green yard sale chair were two pieces that helped determine my color scheme for the room... turquoise and lime green. Who would have thought that they would go together so well!?

Here is my dresser now...

And before...

This is on the other side of my bed. Do you remember the marriage of the small but adorable bookcase and the little wall shelf? They are living happily ever after in this corner... holding boho treasures which I'll also show later!

The metal thing on the wall is a piece of an old screen door that I painted green and hung up on the wall for some interesting art! And yes... spray painting a piece of metal counts as art!! ;o)

And then there's this...

The closet before...

And here it is now!

I added the Rubbermaid Homefree closet organization system and some pretty curtains for an organized and pretty closet.

See over there next to the dresser? I added some old family pictures in a little collage just for a fun little touch. I saw the idea on Thoughts from Alice and I thought it was such a sweet idea. I'll show close ups soon. That doorway leads into a small half bath which then goes on into the laundry room. I recently redid the laundry room too.

Here's a before view of that doorway. I took off the door, it was really in the way and there is a door to the bathroom on the other end so really there wasn't any need for the second door.

I hung up my coat rack I made from an old door next to the doorway. I hang my robe from it now. You can see how I made it here: DIY Upcycled Old Door to Coat Rack.

Oh... and here's the dreaded boob light before shot!! Couldn't leave that out! You can see the new thrifted light redo here: Thrifted Lamp Redo.

Now... to get the boob out of your head here are some of the finished room shots again!

Well what do you think? It feels like a restful, peaceful retreat to me now :o) I can't wait to get the half bath redone... but it's not the next room on the list so it will have to wait for awhile.

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