Master Bedroom Redo - The Details Part I

25 January
So, as promised I'm back to show you some of the details in my new boho master bedroom! I thought we'd start with the fireplace gallery wall.

boho bedroom details
My electric fireplace is from Overstock several  years ago. I have a wood stove in my new living room so that's why I put this one in the bedroom.

The gray Union Jack sign is something I made a couple of years ago. You can see how I made it here: DIY Union Jack Sign.

On the left of my gallery wall is the DIY dream catcher I made a couple of days ago. You can see that post here: DIY Dream Catcher.

I found this sweet lady at a garage sale years ago and she has always held some of my necklaces. She got a makeover with some turquoise spray paint so she fits into the room a little better now. Here is the before...

I had a bunch of empty frames that I had painted white hanging in  my bedroom at my old house. You can see that here: DIY Layered Frame Collage.

I reused them in my new bedroom. There are a couple on this wall. I framed a piece of vintage wall paper that was on the back of my dresser in the largest frame.

Why did I have wallpaper on the back of my dresser you ask?! Well, this dresser has served many purposes in the past, one of which was storage in my craft room. I had it placed in the room so you could see the back of the dresser and I thought it needed a little dressing up! Makes perfect sense now huh? Well anyway, it is actually more like fabric so it peeled right off the back of the dresser and I reused it here!

The candle holder is a thrift store find that I sprayed that same turquoise color and found a new glass votive holder to fit in it.

Here are a couple more of the frames. The bottom one holds another piece of vintage wall paper. I have an old sample book of papers and this was in there! Who knew that wood grain was popular back in the sixties?! And it's lime green... perfect!

The frame above is holding a printable of some feathers in the perfect colors... lime green, turquoise, and gray!

I found the peacock feathers at Hobby Lobby and I propped them in this cute basket that I found at the thrift store. A couple of my daughter's vintage powder boxes are sitting next to the basket.

I found this really cool lime green bowl at a garage sale for .50 cents! I put one of my many bird's nests in it and set it on top of a sample of vintage upholstery fabric. I found a book of these mini samples years ago so I used several of them in my bedroom. I guess you'd call them doilies now... Funky boho doilies!!! =0)

This vintage macrame is my favorite thing! I found it at the thrift store and when I saw it I almost leaped on it and tackled it just so no one else would get hold of it... then I realized no one else was around so you know... I refrained from acting like an idiot... this time!

I still quickly shoved it in my cart just in case! Have you SEEN the price of vintage macrame on eBay and Etsy?! Seriously!!! I have a hot item here! And look at the beads!!! Lime green and turquoise!!! It was made for my bedroom!

It's actually not finished. The long strings were about 3 times as long and they were all rubber-banded together. I just cut them off at what I thought looked like a reasonable length. It doesn't look unfinished at all to me now! What do you think?

I bought these boots at TJMaxx several years ago... I just haaaad to have them... and I have neeeeeever worn them! I don't even think I can get them on, they are a tiny bit to small... don't know what I was thinking when I bought them but like I said... I haaaaad to have them! Well, I thought about selling them but then I thought Hey! These are perfect for a boho bedroom!

I put a basket next to my fireplace with some wood... because a fireplace needs wood next to it... even if it's an electric fireplace!

What do you think? I have more to show so stay tuned!

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  1. Your bedroom looks gorgeous. I love the vintage macrame I would have swooped on it too. Great find.

  2. Lots of cute things that look perfect all together! So which stayed
    by the fireplace, the boots or the basket of wood?!

  3. The macrame hanger and the boots are awesome - my 2 favorite things today. Reminds me of my teenage years. :-) I had a floppy brown leather hat back then that would have matched the boots perfectly.

  4. What a fun makeover! I love how you used what you already had, and also love the vintage wallpaper. The woman who holds your jewelry is awesome! Thanks so much for visiting my blog,and for your nice comments:)

  5. I'm glad you featured this wall first! It is my favorite....mostly because I love gallery walls and yours is so eclectic! I know you are enjoying living in your new bedroom...and the rest of your house. I can't believe how quickly you are getting things done too! Have a great week.

  6. Holy Crap kiddo. You are like an energizer bunny on steroids. Good job. Is that the same torquoise we used on your trailer? just Dad


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