Master Bedroom Redo - The Details Part II

29 January
I'm back to show you part two of the details of my master bedroom redo today! After this there will only be a part three then we're off to another project... the main bathroom.

So come on back into my room and I'll show you the corner next to my bed.
Boho bedroom details

This where the little pieced together hutch resides. I'm enjoying adding knick-knacks to the shelves and the little bit of height it added to the furniture pieces in the room.

On the top I propped my yard sale find vintage picture. This is exactly how I found it, frame and all, and it matched my bedroom nicely! The little galvanized bucket is full of lavender and it is sitting on a couple of old books.

This little owl cup was a thrift store score, he was unfinished ceramic so I gave him a coat of turquoise paint, isn't he cute?! That little book is someone's old address book held together with some kind of tape. I found it at a garage sale and I love it for some strange, unknown reason... I cannot explain my attractions to things sometimes, it's weird :o/

The dried rose is something my daughter got from one of her many suitors! If you look at the photo above there is a funny little square basket... it was in my grandparents things we went through when my grandpa passed away, I have no idea what it was used for but I just think it's kind of cute!

This little basket was a thrift store score that I found at the same time I found the one over on the fireplace. I hung one of my old earrings from it. I don't even remember where I got that cute mirror! The little angel is from the thrift store too. She has little wings on the back and one was broken but I don't even care, I love her!

I made these jars by just doodling on an old pickle and salsa jar with a Sharpie paint pen! It was fun!

This little table was something in my grandma's estate. It was a little beat up so I painted it back when I had my old house and it is now serving as my night stand. The lamp was a $3 thrift store find and there's one of those upholstery samples under my alarm clock! You can also see here that I added pom-pom trim to my curtain tie-backs!

This old locker basket holds some books and magazines for bedtime reading! I need to do something about those cords hanging behind the table!

This little domed, dried flower wall hanging is one of my favorites.

This is my "instant art", it's a screen door insert that I spray painted green and hung up on the wall!

This little silver tray holds a cute little mirror and two turquoise Christmas ornaments that are staying year round!

Hope you enjoyed these little vignettes, next time I'll show you my dresser and some stuff on that side of the room!

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  1. Love this corner of your room too! That vintage picture is so pretty and perfect for the space. I also love that adorable little owl...his feet are too cute! I had rescued a screen door part similar to that a few years ago and my hubby forgot it was something I wanted to keep and he chunked it! I was so ticked. I was going to do this same thing. I think they make awesome decor! Oh well.... I'll find another one some day. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. I just love all of your sweet little touches throughout the room which make it warm and homey. You are very talented in the way you are able to put things together. I'll bet you sleep really well in your new bedroom. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much! I do sleep really well!



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