Master Bedroom Redo - The Details Part III

31 January
Today I'm showing you the last of the details in my new master bedroom!

This green dresser has been with me for many years... 46 to be exact! My mom bought this dresser unfinished when she was pregnant with me and painted it green and it has stayed this color of green. It has served as my dresser growing up, my daughter's dresser while she was growing up, craft room storage, and now my dresser again! It was also one of the inspiration pieces for my new bedroom color scheme.
Boho bedroom details
I may change out or paint the knobs and pulls but for now this is how it looks, don't you love that little curvy bottom edge? :o]

I found this silver cup at the thrift store and now use it for a few of my necklaces. The two balls of crochet thread hold pins (it's actually not done, I want to add some sort of stand to the balls) Check out {this Pin} and you'll see what inspired me.

This mirror stand is a combination of an old craft item I made and a vintage piece... The area where the mirror is used to be my initial, the mirror (which fit perfectly by the way) is from an old broken hand mirror, I love that the mirror backing has come off in some places showing the burlap that the initial was painted on!

You can see I have a collection of vintage mirrors, I love them!

And I also love old bibles... and I'm not even religious, I just love them! I told you... I can't explain my attraction to certain things! The bible on the very bottom was my mom's and the one 4th down from the top (with the electrical tape!) was my grandma's and was about to be tossed out after she passed away.

I found this adorable little green Buddha at the thrift shop, he now sits on top of my bible collection... please don't tell me this is some sort of sin to mix up religions or something.

I found a couple of pretty little vases that now hold my cuff bracelets. My mom painted the little oil tin ring holder years ago.

I stuck this little framed print right on one of the mirrors with some command hooks. I love those things!

In part one of the bedroom details I told you that I had reused some of the frames from my old bedroom wall collage. I put some small cup hooks into this one and it's now a necklace holder!

And this is one of my favorite things! I used a couple of flowers from my vintage plastic flower collection and dressed up my antlers!

Now if you look over to the right of the dresser on the wall... see the picture collage? Right next to the doorway that goes into the bathroom...

I found this idea on Thoughts From Alice. Here is {another example} if you don't like them randomly on the wall! I used some old family photographs.

This is my dad!!!! Bahaha! Isn't he cute?! You're welcome dad!!!

This is my grandma... the one I talked about above (her bible)... I love this picture.

Pearl, Leni, and Emil are from my dad's side of the family, I can't remember the relation exactly but they are cute aren't they?

This is Pearl again... look at that cute little face!!!

This is my old door turned coat rack (and now robe hooks) on the wall opposite the photo collage.

This is the view into my bedroom from that 1/2 bath... see the robe hooks on the left?

One of the very last things I did was paint my ugly old gold door knob. I used one of the hammered metals spray paints. So you don't have to spend any money on new door knobs... just paint them!

In the beginning of this post I said the green dresser and one other piece of furniture was the inspiration for the green in the color scheme of this room. This is the other piece. It was only $8 at a garage sale!

The guy selling it started to go on and on about how he was going to reupholster it, blah, blah, blah... and when I said "OH, I love this color, I'm leaving it!" he looked at me like marbles were coming out of my nose... HE obviously doesn't get my weird attraction to things either! ;o)

Well, that's it! Did I miss anything?

You can see all the posts of the room redo below. Soon I'll show some before shots of the main bathroom that I'm tackling next!

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  1. Everything looks great - love the stack of Bibles.

  2. Lots of fun vignettes! It all came together beautifully!

  3. So fun and eclectic! Love it!


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