Master Bedroom Redo - DIY Dream Catcher

I'll be sharing the full room reveal of my master bedroom redo this weekend! I'm excited to show you all that I've done to the room!

Today I wanted to show you the dream catcher I made for a little gallery wall in the room.

DIY dream catcher

I gathered up some things I found in my craft hoard room...

You can see I had already put my lace piece into an embroidery hoop to use as the base for my new dream catcher.

It was really simple to make. I just threaded some of the ribbons, twine, and trims through the lace piece and some that were too large to thread through I just glued to the embroidery hoop from the back side.

I added the beads and some other things I found by stringing and tying them on.

 Recognize that "energie" ribbon? I used it in my organized closet too!

Then I found some cute feather clip art online and printed them out on card stock, cut them out, and glued them to the ends of the twine pieces.

I added an old earring to the top of the lace piece. You can see my lace tore a little bit on the upper right side while I was stretching it to go in the hoop. I just left it that way, I thought it just made the old lace piece look even older!

So from this...

To this...

What do you think? I bet almost everyone has some snippets of ribbons and lace to make one of these!