Master Bedroom Redo - Organized & Pretty Closet

10 January
Compared to my previous house this one has nice sized closets... but they still aren't walk-ins... and they are still basic, builder grade closets. As you know I've been busy redoing my bedroom and the closet got a redo too!

Pretty closet organization

Here is what my closet looked like before.

You can see I tried using some organizing techniques in there... like the hanging sweater shelf thing and the shoe cubbies that I put on the top shelf. And the closet had the long shelf on the bottom... but you can see I really didn't use that. The whole thing was just a hot mess!

I got a gift card for Lowe's for Christmas so I used that and bought the Rubbermaid Homefree series closet organization system.

Amazon also has Rubbermaid closet products:

My next step was to take everything out.

Then I took out the existing shelves and rods and patched up all the holes.

Then I painted. I know, I know... you probably won't be able to see that but I don't care, I like every space to have nice fresh paint and be pretty =)

I used the same Olive Grey that I used in my living/dining room and on the bump-out portion of the wall that my closet is on. Now I will admit that I didn't bother painting that floor molding... I didn't want to dirty up another paint brush just for that and I KNEW you wouldn't be able to see that when I was done!

Then I got to work installing the shelving system. It was pretty easy and I did it by myself so this is definitely a project that you could do too =)

You can arrange it however  you want and they have all kinds of add-ons that you can buy like drawers, belt and tie hooks, baskets, etc. I did not end up buying anything extra but for a very large closet I think it would be awesome to have some of those things.

Then I filled it up, organizing as I went!

I put one of my shoe cubbies on the floor in the center. All of my boots are along the back wall, behind the clothes.

I bought some Rubbermaid shoe box bins with turquoise lids to match the rest of my bedroom color scheme and put my out of season shoes in them (like flip flops that I can't wear in the freezing cold!) and my heels that I don't wear very often. All this went on the very top shelf.

Bags and purses went on the left half of that top shelf (the large striped bag is full of smaller purses and bags!

When I bought the shoe box bins I found these turquoise fabric bins and they were buy one, get one free so I got 2 of those. I made the little tags on my computer in Word and printed them off.

Then for an extra little touch of cuteness I used some clothing "brand" ribbon to tie my tags on. You know the little loops of ribbon in some blouses? They are sewn into the shoulder area to keep the clothes on the hangers and for most people I think they end up getting cut off... it's that or walk around with one or both hanging out and not realizing it until the entire day has passed!  Anyway, these are from Energie brand tops and I saved them for some reason unknown to anyone specifically for this project!

I put a couple of hooks on one side of the closet for scarves and hats. May as well use every inch of space right?!

I also printed out this vintage Elvgren Pin-up girl for something to make me smile whenever I open the closet! And she's a red-head like me! =) I already had the frame and it was the perfect color to boot!

There were no closet doors on any of the bedroom closets when I bought the house and actually I was ok with that. I found these curtains at Goodwill for $8.00 and I found the rod out in the garage from my stash.

So they are my new closet doors, aren't they cute?! I love the little rows of pom-poms at the top!

I also bought these feather curtain tie backs from West Elm for the final touch.

 I have a boho theme going so these were perfect!

I love how it turned out, what do you think?

Right now I'm working on new lighting to replace the dreaded boob light, I'm so excited to show you that!

In case you missed any of the bedroom redo posts so far you can catch up here:

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  1. I have that same organizer in my master closet - I LOVE it. I've reconfigured it a couple of times and now have the perfect amount of hanging space vs shelves. I love how easy it is to reconfigure. Great choice!

  2. It looks fantastic! I keep my rarely worn shoes in those plastic shoe boxes too. Your top shelf looks like and purses! The curtains are super cute, and I LOVE the feather tie backs. Those are gorgeous! The Boho theme is awesome and I can't wait to see the final reveal!!! Have a happy Sunday.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous transformation, Tania! You have inspired to organize a few closets in my home. Hugs!

  4. It looks awesome! Great job!

  5. You created a great look and a very functional closet. Love the curtains and feather curtain tiebacks.

  6. Looks great! Where did you find your shoe cubby?? I need a few of those too :)


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