Master Bedroom Redo - Thrifted Lamp Redo

I have been stalking the Habitat store for weeks now trying to find a light to replace the dreaded boob light in my bedroom and my perseverance finally paid off!

Replacing a boob light with a vintage pendant light

You may remember this before shot...

You can see it now can't you?! It's a giant boob!!

This is the lamp I bought at the Habitat store for $25.00.

I took it all apart and spray painted the gold metal pieces.

And tada!!!

Isn't it beautiful?! I'm so in love with it!

It has that little bit of boho charm that I love.

So from one giant boob...

To a beautiful boho glam light!

I gave the old light to my parents to use in one of their rentals because there's nothing wrong with it... if you like boobs!

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