Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

06 January
I'm starting up Treasure Trove Tuesdays again, they kind of went by the wayside when I moved but I think a lot of people enjoyed seeing what I find while I'm out thrifting and I like sharing (not something you hear me say very often... I AM an only child after all!) so here we are!
thrifting finds

I've got a LOT of stuff because I've been a slacker when it comes to listing stuff in my Etsy shop! Hard to make rhyme or reason out of this pile of stuff? Well here... I'll show you what's here!
 A vintage latch hook kit... remember these?
 Vintage silk scarf.
 I just love these old chalk ware fish! And this one still has the bubbles!
 And here are some seahorses!
 A sweet little white planter. I could see it with a little African Violet planted in it :o)
 I do believe this is an old ice shaver...
 what do you think?
 These interlocking shelves always sell really well.
 Anyone else love wire baskets? I almost kept this one for myself but I refrained ;o)
 A black metal mug tree... these are so handy!
A poodle paint-by-number on velvet! Nicely done too!
 Lots of rulers! A best seller in my shop!
 A sweet little tulip shaped basket.
 I love the scalloped edge on this old pitcher... I think my grandma had a green one.
 I can hardly believe that this old cookie gun still has ALL the parts in the original box too!
 An old whisk broom... again... hard not to keep it for myself!
 I love this wicker tray!
 Clipboards are another best seller, this one has a cool wood grain finish!
 Little yellow shoe box...
I love the yellow plaid cover of this old cook book.
Several of these things have already been listed in the Little Vintage Cottage, hop on over if you are interested!

To see some of the past Treasure Trove Tuesday's finds check {here}.

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  1. I love seeing all the goodies you find. You are so lucky. Love that you are blogging them again. :) Julie

  2. Oh, what pretty and fun treasures! The interlocking shelves really caught my eye :)

    Happy Tuesday to you. Hugs!

  3. Yay! It's back!!! You've found some great stuff. Love the shelves, yellow plaid book, wicker tray, mug tree, the wire basket, and the sweet little planter! I pretty much love it! Hope your week is going great!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. How fun! =) I always love seeing your treasures. Just love those interlocking shelves. You have such a talent for finding pretty things. Blessings and happy new year! Valerie

  5. I have the yellow plaid cookbook. It belonged to my grandmother and it is my very favorite. I use it all the time. Love all your great finds. I think I want the pitcher. :)

  6. Some fun items! I absolutely love the seahorses! Found you at Roses of Inspiration!


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