Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

20 January
Hey there! It's time once again for Treasure Trove Tuesday! Do you remember last weeks finds? How feminine and shabby chic looking it all was? Well, we will just call this a flashback to the 1970's!

thrifting finds

Most people pass right on by stuff from the 70's (except for my daughter and I!) I think when it's all gathered up together it looks great! And there is definitely a market out there for it!

Let's see what we have!

Did anyone used to have this record? I liked the picture of Bette on the front. If you turn it over there is a real photograph of her and the cover was created from that photo. And I thought the orange embroidered place mat was really funky!

 I love these! The frames are plastic but they look so cute!
 I think she is my favorite!

This picture was in the frame but I think I'll sell them separately. The picture is actually a page out of a 1970's magazine and it didn't really fit in the frame very well... so separated they shall be!

Someone did a fantastic job on this hand painted floral plate!

I think I'll paint something on these white place mats.

This still has the tag on it "Made in Mexico", it would be a nice dresser scarf or table runner.

A pretty yellow embroidered butterfly. I think it used to be in a frame but it would be a cool 70's throw pillow.

And do you remember these velvet tapestries?!

There are two of these vintage curtain panels.

I loved this little 3D woodland scene!

Cute! Kind of reminds me of Holly Hobbie.

Did anyone ever take a ceramics class? My mom and I used to go together when I was young!

This mug is by Avon and so are the bottles below.

And last some flocked purple fruit of some kind! lol!

What do you think... did you used to have any of these things?

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  1. Fabulous treasures, Tania :) When I saw the white placemats my first thought was, "Oh, these have so much potential for crafting!" :)

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. Did you raid one of your mothers closets? I could swear she painted an owl plate just like that one. just Dad

  3. I think all this is straight from every house I babysat in when I was twelve!!! Except Bette Midler!!! Got a nostalgic feeling

    1. Lol, glad I could bring back some memories for you Gwen!


  4. So many fun and lovely things. I especially like the little deer.

  5. These are great;)
    Thank you for your comment, Tania.


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