Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

It's that time again, time to share my treasures that I found over the weekend!
thrifting finds
It's funny but it seems like my finds for each week run in themes, this week it's Native American!

I have a plan for this cactus... the necklace hanging on it is a hint... can you guess what I'm planning?

These trays were all taped together so I didn't realize that they were different when I bought them.

This orange one is cool.

This one was on top and I think it's my favorite. It's actually much bluer than it looks in this photograph.

 My mom has a collection of these vintage moon shelves, I think they are cute!

Brass and Mother of Pearl.

 Vintage jewelry boxes...

 These little blue place mats are so cute!

 The mushroom is a candle lantern =0)


 Some vintage lamp pieces that I'm planning on repurposing.

Some wicker place mats and a pretty vintage plate!

I didn't show every little thing here... to be honest I got tired of taking pictures! My room where this all is was a MESS, I was tripping over things and stepping on things so I just gave up! Then I spent like the next 3 hours cleaning up the room so I could move!