Main Bathroom Redo - The Before Pictures

05 February
So, now that I've finished my master bedroom redo, I'm ready to show you the next room on my list to tackle! My house has two small bathrooms, the 1/2 bath that's off the master bedroom and the main bathroom. I'm going to redo the main bathroom next. I would really like to continue my master bedroom suite feel and redo that bathroom but I feel like this one should be next so guests have a nice place to go potty! ;o)

So here are the before shots of the very small and boring bathroom right now and what I'd like to change about the room.

So, this is it! Tiny huh? Right off the bat you can see that I want to change out the towel bar for hooks, I like the look of towels hanging on hooks better than a rod (unless they are just towels for display... then a bar would be ok... but this is the only bath/shower in the house... so the towels actually get used... so I'm not ok with the bar in this instance).

Before shots of the bathroom

I am also getting rid of the old wall heater. The house has central heat and air now so there's really no need for these anymore (both bathrooms have them). My plan is to take it out and use the space left in the wall to build a magazine rack.

If they were really cool looking I would probably keep them... but they're not. See how rusty it is? Not cute!!!

The original ceiling fan/vent is still there and works like a charm so I'm leaving it.

I am also removing this lovely wall paper.

It didn't look quite this bad when I bought the house but I immediately started picking at it just to see how easily it would come down. Turns out... like most wall paper... it's not coming off easily... and there is a 2nd layer of striped wall paper underneath it! Thankfully only one wall has it.

This light above the vanity is the only light in the room. I'm undecided about it... I think it's kind of cute in it's own way.

The vanity is the same cabinet style that's in the kitchen... ugly plywood. My plan is to remove the doors, add a shelf inside and use baskets to make it pretty. We'll see how that works out. I'm also going to paint it along with the door and door molding.

This is the view if you're sitting on the toilet!! TMI??

The toilet paper is on the left... that feels so unnatural to me! I'm not sure if I'll do anything different or not though.

The sink and bathtub are blue! I might get a new white sink... but I might not too!

It would have to be the same size as this one because I kind of like the vintage formica counter top!

Hopefully I can do something about the stains on it though.

The whole house has cheap hollow core doors. I can't really afford (or justify) replacing them all... what a pain that would be! I have just been painting them and it makes a world of difference!

Here is the blue bathtub. I've chosen to just embrace it and work around it! I know you can have them re-coated and I may choose to do that down the road but not now.

One of the first things I did after I moved in was replace the old curtain rod with one of these curved rods. I had one in my old house and I loved it! They really do make a big difference, it feels so much bigger when you are showering!

It BUGS me though that the shower curtain doesn't go all the way to the floor so I'll be making one... I'm thinking of using drop cloth material...

And last but not least... the floor... It's not totally horrible, but not my choice if I have one! I need to pull off some of the base boards to repair part of the wall so I'm going to try to peek underneath and see what's there. I'm dreaming of something really cool and vintage but I seriously doubt that dream will come true... but you never know!

If there isn't anything good underneath then I'm not sure yet... this may have to stay... but then again the bathroom is SO SMALL I could probably redo the floors for not much moolah!!

So, what do you think?

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  1. Hi Tania, I see what you mean about the blue bath and sink. They are actually a nice shade of blue so I'm sure you can work with them. Looks like a great project to keep you busy. BTW, our toilet paper holder is on the left. As long as the paper goes over I'm happy. ;) Julie

  2. Oh my goodness--our main (and only) bathroom is about the same size, except my tub and surround are mustard yellow, all the walls are mustard yellow tile and there is a drop ceiling! The previous owner changed the toilet to white and the sink and vanity, but it still is so ugly in there. We have been in the house 5 years now and I hope this is the year we can re do it. I will jealously look on your bath update as I anxiously await mine.

  3. I love all your ideas in your new house! Can't wait to see what your bathroom will look like!

  4. Holy, what a lot of work you have ahead of you!! At least it won't take as long as my nightmare of a bathroom did!!! lol


  5. I actually like the blue sink and tub and I LOVE that old fashioned print of the Formica counter top. If you can get the stains out, that will be the high light of the room. You definitely need more lighting in there but try to find something to do with that old fashioned light fixture glass. That is very cool.

    Good luck on removed the wallpaper - I hate that job.

    Our toilet paper holder is on the left too. LOL.

  6. That first before shot is so looks like a bathroom you could be perfectly content with. Your other shots make it clear why you want to redo the room, though! I can't wait to see how you transform this space!

  7. I love the blue fixtures. I think you can totally pull it off and make it look awesome in there. So far everything else you've done has been fantastic. The heater has to go though. You are right about that. And the funky wallpaper. Can hardly wait to see the transformation. Have fun!


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