Main Bathroom Redo - The Walls

12 February
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I did manage to get a little work done in the bathroom over the weekend!

Removing wall paper and painting
You may remember {the before shots}.

This was the wall I concentrated on most. There are actually two layers of wallpaper here...

But do you think they would come of in one fell swoop? Oh nooooo... one layer at a time. At first I thought that second, striped layer was going to have to stay... it wasn't budging! But if finally started coming down.

These are my secret weapons for wallpaper removal. Paper Tiger Wallcovering Scoring Tool (2966) Zinsser

Environmental Solutions 5301222 22OZ Wallpaper Stripper

You roll the paper tiger all around the wallpaper to score it and make tiny holes in it. Don't worry, it is set up to only go through the wallpaper not your wall. Then you mix up the Chomp with water and spray it on your scored wallpaper.

Now don't get me wrong... it's not like the wallpaper is going to magically fall off the wall or anything (wouldn't THAT be nice)! But it is much easier to scrape off now and with much less effort. It's still a little time consuming and still a pain in the you-know-what though!

But see how it just scrapes off in big sheets now?

I was able to get the whole wall completely free of two layers of old wallpaper in about 4 or 5 hours total with a break in between.

And I made a big ol mess!

And then I found this... Yep... mold. Ick! Luckily there was only a little bit so I sprayed it down with bleach and scrubbed it off.

Then I filled the MULTITUDE of holes in the wall that the wallpaper was hiding. I'm telling you, people were so hard on this poor little house :o(

And I painted.

It's really hard to get an accurate color picture in this tiny room with no natural light. I actually had my paint custom mixed at Ace Hardware because I had a coupon but it was matched to Olympic brand "Parakeet Pete" C61-3. It's kind of a sea green/aqua color. Remember my bathtub and sink are blue so I'm staying in the ocean family of colors!

I only painted the top portion of the walls.

I only did the top part of the walls because I'm planning on doing this to the bottom half!

This is from Emily & Erick's Modern Eclectic British Eccentric Bungalow tour on Apartment Therapy.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to leave my wainscoting white or paint it grey like this. I like the slight boho edge this little room has and I'm planning to try and get that look in my bathroom without going overboard.

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  1. Great job Tania. You must be so pleased to have all that wallpaper off. I'd do white wainscoting. :) Julie

  2. I am never without my paper tiger when destroying old wallpaper. I have not used Chomp before. Don't you despise cleaning up all the sticky piles of paper after - it's my least favorite job. I love the color you chose - can't wait to see the "after" pic.

  3. Looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing the beadboard in place!

  4. You are well on your way and the hard part is done! Love the pretty! Can't wait to see more...:)

  5. I hate removing wallpaper - what a pain the the butt. I like your color choice for paint.


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