Before and After - 1950's Kitchen Chairs Makeover

17 March
I've been working on a makeover of some awesome little 1950's kitchen chairs!

Vintage kitchen chair makeover

I found these kitchen chairs on Craigslist. There are four of them and at first I thought about making slip covers for them instead of totally reupholstering them because the original covers were in really good shape.

But then I thought it would be a pain to try and make a slip cover to go around all those spindles.

They had kind of a plastic type fabric... not oilcloth but very similar and after I got it all off the chairs and looked at the back side of the fabric I could see that it wasn't in very good condition after all. There were lots of stains. So that made me feel better about taking it off.

This is the fabric I chose to recover them with. I am going to recreate the little skirt they had originally I think but I bought the very last of this fabric and they won't be reordering it so I wanted to make sure I had enough for the main parts first.

I decided not to paint the wood parts. Mostly because I HATE painting spindles but also because the wood is in good shape and I thought they were kind of cute as is!

I found a table to go with them, also on Craigslist and it was already painted grey and matched the grey in the fabric perfectly! I "dipped" the legs to make them coordinate just a little more with the table and make them appear more like a set.

And I had just enough fabric to make little skirts for them!

And they are already at my space at the antique mall! I'll be sharing a booth update soon!

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  1. Those are super cute Tania! Have you considered using a coordinating fabric for the skirt if you run out of fabric? I think that would look nice too. Are you keeping or selling the set when you finish it? I am so tired's almost midnight and we just finished painting the kitchen! It's looking better every day. I am so excited to finish it. Have a great week...:)

  2. Looking cute! The ruffle will finish them off and i think a coordinating fabric would look good. If you us ochre on the table, that would be good to use as the skirt! It would really tie it all together.

  3. Great job Tania :) Love the fabric you picked. Look forward to seeing them when painted. Take care.

  4. I love the new fabric! It's amazing what a little fabric and/or paint can do to completely transform a piece of furniture. I host a link party called Your Turn To Shine every Thurs-Mon. If you're interested in stopping by sometime and sharing some of your projects I'd really love to have you! ~Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! I think I've joined in your party before and I'll definitely be back!


  5. Great job on choosing the fabric and the upholstery work. They will be cute with flirty skirts.


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