Before and After - Barstools and Mid-Century Modern Nightstand Makeovers

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I'm just popping in to share my two latest furniture projects that I just finished for my new space at the antique mall. I'm taking them in to my space after work tomorrow because the only large piece of furniture I had in the booth sold already! So I have room for more! Yippee!

1980's barstool makeovers
MCM nightstand makeover
These two bar stools were given to me by a co-worker. She had recovered them at some point.

They are very sturdy and well made. At first I was just going to give them away or try and sell them on Craigslist as-is, but then my little mind started seeing pink...

And it also started seeing ruffles and white distressed paint...

So the first thing I did was disassemble the backrest and paint the side arm supports and legs "Silver Sky" white.

I took off the scuffed up gold foot rest and spray painted it with one of the Hammered metal look paints from Rust-Oleum.

Then I took off the old fabric and used it for a pattern to make sure I didn't waste any of my new fabric. I have enough for another small project later still!

I stitched up the four sides just like they had been before to make a little box shape and then slipped it right over the foam and stapled around the bottom edge.

Then I made the ruffles that were floating around in my head like sugar-plums! :o]

To make them I just figured out how wide I wanted my ruffle, doubled that so there wouldn't be any unfinished sides or edges showing and every few inches I pinned in a pleat. I just eyeballed it but you can measure if you want to try something like this and you're uncomfortable with winging it! I stapled them on along the seat edge upside down so that when you fold the ruffles down they cover up the staples.

Oh, just look at that pretty fabric that just screams spring together with the funky pink zebra stripe fabric to give them a little modern pizzazz against that slightly distressed white wood!!!

The newly painted foot rest color goes so well with the birds and branches in the main fabric!

I am SO glad I decided to try my hand at giving these bar stools a makeover! I am really proud of how they turned out!

The next project I worked on is a cute little mid-century modern night stand. This is a Craigslist find that I got for $15.00.

For this little cutie I was imagining an aztec design somewhere on the piece.

I painted the outside and the drawer front with "Ticket to Paradise". I got a sample size of this paint in the Clark & Kensington brand mixed at my local Ace Hardware. They are having a sale on the sample sizes for just .99 cents a can, regularly $4.99 so if you have an Ace where you live check and see if they are running this sale, it's a perfect opportunity to stock up on some colors for future projects!

I painted the inside "Silver Sky" like the barstools.

And then I stenciled the back with this cute little chevron design. It's a Tim Holz stencil I found at the craft store.

I also did the drawer sides for a fun little touch :o]

And the drawer pull also got a coat of yellow! This little pull is very unique too, I've never seen one like it. The white center section is actually a separate metal piece and it's reversible too! The other side is black! How unique is that?! Those people in the 60's... they were just full of unique furniture designs!

I am also in love with how this piece turned out!

Here are a couple of links to the spray paint and stencil I used on Amazon in case you can't find them in your area or maybe you just like the ease of ordering online!

So, what do  you think? I'm excited to see if someone else loves them enough to buy them. They are heading to the space tomorrow!