Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

24 March
It's time once again for Treasure Trove Tuesday and this time I didn't forget!!

thrifting finds

Here's what I found over the weekend. I love these two Donkey Party games, better known as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Aren't they cute?!

Who remembers playing this game at birthday parties? I do... and in all honesty I didn't really like the game :o( I was so shy when I was young so being blind folded, and given a tail to pin somewhere on the donkey while everyone waited and watched to see where you pinned it was bad enough but then when you pinned it on his head or something and everyone started laughing... well that's about all I could take! ;o)

But just look at all those cute little tails! It might be a pretty fun game now that I'm in my 40's... if everyone playing was drinking too!

I also found a bunch of unused vintage cards. I picked out the cutest ones. This one is actually an anniversary card, I thought it was for a new baby... or twin babies!

Father's Day...

This one IS for new baby.



And wedding congrats.

I have a collection of these little crochet crosses. I am drawn to them for some reason. I will admit that I haven't found my collection yet since I moved but I know they are there somewhere!

Isn't this tin pretty? I love the old label on it too.

A cute little round frame.

I am collecting these trays for all the states (or Islands!) I thought I could try selling them as a whole set... maybe not though... maybe individually would be best.

I am on the hunt for these old hot pads to make one of {these}!!!

I've been looking online at patio egg hammock chairs so this caught my eye!

That's it for this week's treasures, I will be back soon to show you all the furniture pieces I've been snapping up for my booth at the antique mall soon!

Most of these treasures will be listed in one of my etsy shops:

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  1. I liked that tin the best. No sales for me last weekend as we were at the lake.

  2. How funny to find two of the donkey games!! They're adorable. And i love the old cards.
    Great finds!

  3. Sweet the donkey games. I was a shy kid too and never enjoyed being the center of attention...still don't! The doormat you want to cmake is too cool! I hope you find enough to make it. The egg hammock chairs look so comfy to me. I love the way they look too. Hope your week is going great!

  4. I really like the greeting cards. So charming and sweet.

  5. As always Tania you have found some adorable things - I love the tin it is so cute, but I do have a weakness for tins :)

  6. Love the Pin The Tail game and the assortment of vintage cards. Make sure you scan your favorites ones to use later.


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