Antique Mall Booth Update

Today my mom and I did some rearranging in my booth at the Uptown Antique Mall.

My space at the antique mall
I wanted to add my table and chairs I finally finished up.

I tried my first "dipped legs" paint technique on the chairs to try and make them blend in a little better with the table I found to go with them.
  • Bonus... the table was already painted the pretty shade of grey which matched the dark grey in the fabric I used on the chairs. 
  • Double bonus... the person I bought the table from still had some of the paint he used on the table and he threw that in with my purchase so I had the right color to use on the chair legs!
You can see that makeover here: 1950's Kitchen Chairs Makeover.

Anyway... back to the booth update!

We turned the crates we had in my booth around so the things displayed in them are accessible and visible from the aisle as you come around the corner to my space.

We squeezed the table and chairs in next to the crates.

The chairs look like they've got little socks on to me! ha ha! :o)

We gathered up a bunch of spring themed items and created a little display on the table.

This little metal typing stand went along the wall and my {radio turned night light} sits on top.

We even managed to squeeze the {writing desk} back into my space! The only thing we couldn't fit back in were the two bar stools I had. I just brought them home for awhile until there's room again.

We made another little half "wall" with some more vintage crates on the right side and we also faced them toward the aisle.

You can check out the mall on Facebook {here} and my Facebook page {here}!