Main Bathroom Redo - New Floor and Lighting

26 April
I figured it was high time I got my butt in gear and finished up my main bathroom redo... I started way back in February for goodness sake! (hangs head in shame).

Vinyl Stick on Tiles to Redo a Bathroom Floor

But I have excuses! The biggest one being that I work a 4 10's schedule now which actually turns out to be almost 12 hours with travel time and unpaid lunch time. My other excuse is my new antique booth space that I am continually trying to make things for!

Anyway, this weekend I kicked myself in the rear and did some more work on the bathroom.

Remember this old light from the bathroom before shots?

There had been some updates done in the bathroom over time but I think this light was still from the original 1960's bathroom! It was kind of cute but not the look I was going for. So down it came!

I tried three different lights in this room...

The first was this zinc light which I loved. But this bathroom doesn't have a window so no natural light. This one just shined the light straight down, the rest of the room seemed dark.

This one was similar but it was like a bronze color and white inside so I thought maybe the white would reflect the light around the room a little better... uhhhh NOPE!

In the end this one was the winner. It was a bit more than I had planned to spend but it'll be here for a long time and I wanted it to be nice so I spent a little more on it.

It was $79 at Home Depot. As you can see from the box, you can install them pointing up... or pointing down which I chose.

I also hung up my grandma's antique mirror.

I love how it looks and I'm glad I decided to splurge a little bit. The finish is called antique nickel which matches the door knob and toilet paper dispenser that I spray painted!

Next on my list was this floor...

Ok... not horrible and I probably could have lived with it.

But when I saw these self-adhesive vinyl tiles at Lowes for only .88 cents each I knew I wanted to try them!

These are Armstrong Crescendo floor tiles.

They were relatively easy to install. You can lay them right over your old vinyl which is what I did. The hardest part was going around the toilet and one little tile by the door that was giving me fits! But you can cut them with scissors so that makes it nice!

They are groutable but I chose not to do that.

It's not perfect but I love how it looks! And for just over $30.00 for my tiny 35 square foot bathroom it was perfect!

Now, see that gaping hole in the floor next to the vanity?

The one on the left was the one I took out... blech! The new one cost about $6.00!

That floor tile next to the wall doesn't look very good in this photo but it isn't that bad in person... what is it about photographs... they bring out every little flaw!

Next up... finishing the magazine rack.

Remember this old heater?

I turned it into a magazine rack here: DIY Wainscoting and Built in Magazine Rack.

But I didn't finish it... until now!


And finally... last but not least...

After all the {wainscoting} was installed I was left with this around the sink...

It bugged me...

See that jagged edge? I showed it to my genius friend and he suggested just a little piece of trim. Sometimes I get so caught up in things I overlook the simple solutions!

I bought a tiny little piece of trim at Home Depot, painted it and used Liquid Nails to install it, then caulked it.

I can't believe how good it looks! It's all professional looking! :o)

So, really all that's left for my bathroom redo is the shower curtain and decorating... and maybe a new faucet... we'll see! Stay tuned!

Here's the before as a little reminder of where I started.

What do you think?

See the rest of the room redo below in case you missed any of it!

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  1. Everything turned out great Tania! The light fixture was a great choice. Very pretty! I just love the magazine rack's my favorite! Have a great week!

  2. The floor looks great, and I love how you turned that old vent into a magazine rack.

  3. Beautiful job! I love the new look!! I need a floor!!!!!!!!!!!! Max is killing the paint job because he plays Indy 500 in the bathroom every day... GAH!


  4. It turned out great. My favorite piece is your grandmothers mirror. That is so awesome.

    We did those stick down tiles in the bathroom at the lakehouse and we have the same problem, they don't stay stuck next to each other. The floor expands and contracts and they move. I hate that. But they were good for a quick fix.

  5. You did a great job on your bathroom reno. I love your blue sink and retro countertop. They look like they're in great shape. Great idea turning the old heater space into a magazine rack, very creative.
    I have used the Allure vinyl planks many times and they don't always want to play nice with each other by leaving small gaps between the planks. I used the tile look ones in my son's room and I used caulk to fill in the gaps Just run a small bead along the seam, wipe off the excess with a damp paper towel or old rag and you won't even notice the dark spaces.

  6. It turned out fabulous! Shirlee has a great idea of filling some of the most obvious gaps in the flooring. The new tile is much cleaner and brighter looking. Love grandma's mirror there!

  7. Wow! You did a fantastic job, start to finish. The light fixture is really pretty. Don't feel bad at all for it taking a while. You have accomplished so much so far this year. Great job Tania. As always!


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