Trash to Treasure - Thrift Shop Flips

Today I have a couple of thrift shop flips to share with you!
Vintage Radio Nightlight
Thrift Store Painting Refresh
You may remember these from Treasure Trove Tuesday.

This Philco radio was a reproduction of an old radio, I paid $4.99 at Goodwill for it. It was not very cute... not real wood and had a broken piece in the scroll... missing a knob too. But I saw something else in this little radio...

We'll start with the radio makeover.

I took the back off...

And took all the radio guts out. This part was very easy, just a few screws!

The speaker portion was covered with ugly brown fabric. I pulled it off and detached the speaker from the wood piece.

These are all the parts I'm reusing.

Then I tried to even up the broken piece of scroll work so it wasn't so obvious and I gave it a coat of paint.

About three coats later...

I glued the knobs on because the parts in the back that they attached to (which held them on) are gone now. I also glued the radio station indicator dial to the inside and added a brown button over the missing knob hole...

and with some vintage lace added over the speaker hole, it now looks like this...

Then I drilled a hole into the bottom of the radio and used this light that I had... I KNEW I could use it for something someday! It was originally intended to use in a lighted Christmas village house.

And voila!!! It's a nightlight now!

That picture above was before I glued the button over the missing knob hole so it's not such a glaring light now.

I love how the dial lights up too :o)

Then there was that picture... The frame was U.G.L.Y. and the picture itself was old and faded... someone saw junk and donated it to Goodwill. I saw treasure and beauty so I snatched it up... I believe it was $1.99.

I went over all the daisies in the grass with my white Sharpie paint pen and used regular colored Sharpie markers for the yellow daisy centers, the grasses, pink flowers, barn roof and fence, etc.

I stamped the words with rubber stamps and paint instead of ink then went back over the letters with the paint pen and outlined them with grey Sharpie marker.

The frame got a coat of pretty green paint and it's beautiful once more!

These were both fun projects. I have another picture in the works so I'll show that one soon!