Trash to Treasure - Upcycled Thrift Shop Paintings

Today I have a fun thrift shop flip project to share!

How to upcycled a thrift store painting

Remember this upcycled painting I showed you awhile back here: Trash to Treasure - Thrift Shop Flips?

Here is the before and after, side-by-side comparison.

Well I've been working on a couple more!

I actually think they look kind of cool grouped together! I could see them on a gallery wall!

Do you remember the before of this one?

It is painted on a board, not a canvas so the first thing I did after I removed the frame was SAND THE HELL OUT OF IT! Yes! I sanded it! I figured I wouldn't be out too much if I ruined it so I went to town and I think it really softened it up!

This is the most recent one. Here is a before shot of the painting.

I found a quote that I thought went well with the picture...

Then I had to add some flowers! Here are my flower parts.

I embroidered some flower stems right on the canvas!

Then I used my tweezers to hold on to these teeny-tiny "flowers" while I dipped them in glue.

And I added them to the stems on the canvas.

I found a frame that fit it and gave it a coat of "Lagoon" spray paint.

What do you think? It's fun giving these old paintings a new life!

I have some more thrift store paintings I'll be working on soon!