Treasure Trove Tuesday - Special Edition

Today I got to leave work early to meet the PUD at my house for some more trimming on the large silver maple in my backyard. Apparently the tree guys I hired didn't get the limbs trimmed far enough back from the power lines so they wanted to prune a little more.

After they left I thought I'd go to Goodwill. I thought it might not be as busy during the week... boy was I wrong, it was just as busy as ever but they had GOOD STUFF! So good that I thought it warranted a Special Edition of Treasure Trove Tuesday!

Thrifting Finds

These vintage flower prints were the first thing I spotted! My heart skipped a beat and I almost knocked over the hideous pictures that they were tucked behind just to get them in my hot little hands!

I think they are so pretty! I really love the tulips!

The Dahlia's are beautiful too!

Next I found these!

I have been looking for some of these ever since I saw this over at {Liz Marie blog}! Now to find an old chair or table I could use for the base!

Source: LizMarieBlog
Then... I was passing by the dolls... I don't usually pay any attention to the dolls... I think most of them are ugly (although I do love a good vintage doll head!) but for some reason this caught my eye!

O.M.G.  I do believe this must be the cutest porcelain doll I've ever seen!

Loooook at that FACE!!!!! EEEeeek!

And then another!

They still have their original tags and they are called Ark Babies. I need to do some more research but I think they were made by someone local to my area for awhile. I did a quick Google search and found someone's blog that told a very sad story about these babies.

Apparently a group of ladies made them, showed them at some local doll shows, and then a show in Seattle where they were "discovered". They were told the dolls would be produced and they would make $45 per doll. Then something must have gone terribly wrong because all of a sudden their design was stolen and they were told if they wanted in on it they would only be paid $25 per doll.

They were then mass produced for awhile but in a much cheaper, smaller, plastic version (you may have seen them in stores). The ladies then reached out to Oprah by sending a letter and a doll to her. The letter explained what had happened to them... they were hoping to be able to go on the Oprah show to tell their story... but the doll was sent back with a short note that said Oprah does not accept gifts. :o(

It makes me very sad... these are such beautiful porcelain faced dolls.

Last, as my cart was overflowing, I found these.

I have seen these around before... a coaster here and there, maybe even 2 or 3 but not too often do I see an entire set in this condition! The butterflies are usually falling apart under the glass and/or there are stains under the glass.

These are really in good shape, the only thing wrong is one of the coasters has a little candle wax stuck on it... a little time in the freezer and that'll pop right off!