Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

I didn't find a lot last week, but I'll show you what I did find anyway!

thrifting finds

These old patterns are pretty cute don't you think?

This one with the girl holding the balloon is my favorite, she's so sweet looking!

And the little boy on the left of this one is funny... I wonder what he's so mad about and what the other boy is so smug about! lol!

Do you remember these huge old metal spoons? I think I'll paint this one and plant some succulents in the bowl.

I thought this light shade was cute with the polka dots! I am going to try making a clock out of it!

And this vintage pillow is in perfect condition and such a pretty sunny yellow color!

I liked the shape of this basket... I may keep it.

Some cute spring hankies...

And a large, green crochet tablecloth, perfect for spring!

Not much, like I said but still some goodies don't you think?