Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

I have some cute things this time around for Treasure Trove Tuesday!

thrifting finds

Cute little wicker fish, wouldn't they be darling in a bathroom?

A vintage pants hanger... great for the craft room!

Some cool vintage patterns...

A box full of vintage trims, I'll be keeping these :o)

Some adorable bird ornaments. I am in love with those little peacocks! Eeeek!

An old mustard jar, I love the happy little sunshine on the lid!

A cool old picture frame.

An inflatable hanger still in the original package! There were two of these... I was nice and gave my mom one.

This is my favorite find of the week!!! Old cake decorations, check out that adorable label!

And this little salt and pepper set is my second fav!

A cute little tin...

I pick up old recipe cards like these when I see them, I like to include them with old recipe boxes that I sell.

I'm planning to alter this with words stamped on the canvas like I've been doing on a few others.

This one too, isn't it pretty?!

Turkey candles... marching in a row!

An old hand mirror.

That's it for my finds this week!

I'd like to leave with you a dose of my reality though... this is my spare bedroom... where all the treasures from the trove have been being tossed.

My friend Donna over at {Distressed Donna Down Home} calls her heap Horror Monster, I think I'll call mine Terror Trove... ha ha!

Just keepin' it real here folks!

I definitely need to clean it up so I can make sense of it all! Once I take pictures to show you all for Treasure Trove Tuesday it gets tossed where ever it lands in the Terror Trove!

Hope everyone is having a great week!