Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Trhifting Finds

28 April
Finds from the weekend :o)

thrifting finds

I apologize right away to my friends who are creeped out by doll heads ;o)

I have heard stories about these old ice trays and how hard it was to actually get the ice out of the tray! I have never used one, they were before my time! They are fun for craft supplies though!

I think the name is pretty cute!

This old clipboard is much smaller than even the 8 1/2" x 11" letter sized clipboards. I don't find these too often in this size but you may remember that clipboards are one of my best sellers, I can hardly keep them in stock! I took a bunch of them down to my space at the antique mall to see if they do as good there. **UPDATE - they did not sell AT ALL at the antique mall so I'll stick with my Etsy shops where they fly off the shelves like hot cakes!!**

Rulers are another best seller. I usually group them together in groups of 8 to 10 rulers and sell them that way.

I'm anxious to see if these vintage doll heads will sell because there were a LOT more where these came from! They are plastic and the one in the middle has eyes that close.

A boho chic latch hook wall hanging. It's pretty cool... I thought about keeping it... I'm undecided still.

Shelf brackets... I know... not too exciting on their own. I bought them to use for making an old door stand on it's own. I'll put them down on the bottom of the door so it will stand up by itself.

This thing is a collator... anyone have any experience using one? They used to use them in offices to sort out papers that were being copied to make into books or reports... so you would use this to put the pages in the correct order and copies together for a complete book.

I have sold a couple in my shop already. They are fun to use like this!

That's it for this week!

You can see these and other Treasure Trove Tuesday goodies at my Etsy shops:

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  1. Loved your comment about the creepy doll heads - made me laugh!

    Ok, I clearly remember using those ice cube trays when I was a kid. We would take them out of the freezer, turn them over and run hot water over the back for a few seconds to loosen the cubes. Then we'd pull like hell on the handle to release the ice. Sometimes we'd have to smack it down on the counter to get the ice loose. They were horrid.

    The hook rug is awesome.

  2. Love the latchhook hanging! The collator is interesting. These doll heads aren't creepy looking like some are! Great finds!

  3. You find the most interesting things and I will admit that dolls and doll heads creep me out just a bit. :) I think my grandparents had those old ice trays. It will make a great little organizer.
    The wall hanging has your "signature" on it, by that I mean the design looks like an arrow and it's retro without being dated.
    I really enjoy seeing what you find on your vintage hunts. I love to head out to the thrift shops but find that Value Village has ridiculous prices on some stuff. Better deals are to be found at the smaller stores. Do you find that in your area too?

  4. I am old enough to have first hand experience with those ice trays. They were ridiculously hard to use, and half the time you'd cut your knuckles, or the ice would go flying all over the kitchen! I've seen them now used as planters with moss, herbs, sedums, etc.

    1. Lol, that seems to be the verdict about those old ice trays all the way around! Planters would be adorable!

      Thanks so much for your comment!


  5. I saw one of those collators once but didn't even realize what it was! I love vintage clip boards and rulers. I am on the lookout for a couple old clipboards. I'm also looking for a floral frog...the spiky ones. I love having specific treasures I am hunting for! So much fun looking. Have a great week!


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