Are You a No Reply Blogger?

20 May
After all the super sweet, made me wanna cry, just what I needed, comments that you guys left on {this post}...

This is what I looked like when I read them...
how to fix no reply bloggers

It made me think how much I enjoy blogging and making new blogger friends. Even though we may not live close enough to ever meet in person we still share a connection because I enjoy sharing my home decor projects, thrifting treasures, Etsy shop and antique mall space news and occasional venting and sadness... and you guys like reading and commenting!

But there's one thing that makes it really hard for me to talk to some of you... you're a no reply blogger...

This would be me if I was little again... and had blond hair... and was super cute... I'd be all like... "Aww man... I really wanted to talk to her"

So this means that I can't reply to your post from my email. I have to go to my original post, that you commented on, and reply to you there. Now, that's not a big deal and I do that when you are a no reply blogger... but I often wonder if you ever see my replies to you. You would have to come back to that post and check and if you're anything like me you won't remember.

I would love to be able to reply via email instead... we can have better conversations that way and maybe even talk about things that we don't necessarily want everyone else to see! Not that we have secrets or anything, but you know!

Plus I love each and every comment I get and I try my hardest to reply to them all in some way or another.

Those that are NOT no reply bloggers, I reply via email. Those that are no reply bloggers, if you have a blog I'll go check out your blog and maybe talk to you there... or I may reply on my blog like I described above.

I found this post by Zack Reyes over on his blog to help you fix this if you're so inclined.

I hope you'll become a reply blogger so we can talk!

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  1. Tania, I don't even know if I'm a no reply blogger. Am I? I do get replies from you to comments I leave on your blog.

    1. Hi Kimberly. Yes, you are a no reply blogger. You are probably getting my replies because you are coming back here to the post and checking to see if I replied?


    2. Tania, I get your replies and comments from others on your posts sent to my email, so that I don't miss any. I just click that little box whenever I leave a comment.

    3. Well then that works perfectly, thanks for letting me know Kimberly. I'm glad to know that you're getting my responses! :o)


  2. Love this post I thinks its very important to reply to every single person that links up to my Fabulous Friday Party! thats just me, Thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday Party! The tears made me tear up! Maria


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