Do You Ever Doubt Your Home Decor Decisions?

I'm feeling a little bit out of sorts today... I went to visit a friend today... I don't see her too often and we don't really have a lot in common. We met at work and gravitated toward one another I think because we were about the only two that were around the same age and also I believe because she was fairly new in town and didn't have many friends... and I don't have many friends... so... you get the idea.

When I say we don't have a lot in common I truly mean that. She has naturally dark hair that she bleaches to blond, artificial nails (both of these require lots of upkeep), and likes to wear name brand clothes. (Note... I'm also fairly certain that she won't ever see this post... I don't think she even knows I have a blog). I, on the other hand, wear jeans and t-shirts a lot of the time (and not usually name brand... unless I've found them at a garage sale or thrift shop), don't do anything to my hair... sometimes I curl it to try and tame the wild frizzies but that's about it, and a lot of the time I have paint on my fingernails instead of nail polish and broken, uneven nails. I don't really care for clothes shopping... I have to be in just the right mood to want to spend my time doing that... I'd rather be playing in my craft studio, working on projects around my house, or going to yard sales and thrift shops.

So anyway, I went to see her new house today... and I saw her old house once or twice and I feel the same way every time I go there... it's kind of hard to explain but I feel sort of depressed after visiting with her.
Her house is immaculate and totally not my style. It looks to me like a model home... staged... and like they went to the furniture store and saw a furniture grouping and said "we'll take that"... you don't see magazines lying around... mail on the counter, etc.

Now this is NOT her house but a furniture store picture of a living room set I found online. But it reminds me of her house... the couch and love seat match, the pillows are the pillows that came with the couch, the rug matches the pillows and the art on the walls matches too. The accessories were probably the same one's they staged with at the furniture store too.

These are MY living room... The couch is IKEA, I made the pillows on the couch, the rug is from Fred Meyer, the coffee table is from Goodwill, I made the wall hanging behind the couch, and most of the rest of the decor is yard sale and thrift shop finds.
This table was free and I painted it and added the bottom shelf, I made the wreath from old book pages, and made the chalkboard from a thrift shop picture frame...

And now I have an old crib mattress from the dump on my wall!

Again... these pictures are NOT my friends house... just some I found online by searching "model home interiors"... but she puts her furniture in one spot right after they purchase it... it never moves... neither do the accessories... until it's time to redecorate... then everything goes... and brand new stuff gets put into place and that's the end of that...

I am constantly moving my house around, redecorating by taking things from the bedroom and putting them in the living room, adding a thrift store statue, making something to go with said statue, etc.

When I see her house I think to myself... "this looks nice", "everything looks so good together", "it's so clean".

And I start to doubt myself... "am I weird?"... "Is HER house how I should have MY house look?". It doesn't help when the couple of times she has come to my house she makes little comments that kind of hurt my feelings... "why would anyone buy that?"... things like that... I don't think she means to hurt my feelings... she just doesn't get my style.

She made a comment once when I first met her... I mentioned a blog that I saw and she said "pfft... blogs... people who write those are SO weird, I don't understand why anyone would want to put all that out there"... so I have NEVER told her that I have a blog... I NEVER show her my art... NEVER talk about things I find at the thrift shops and yard sales that I love.

Maybe I'm just being to sensitive...

Do any of you ever feel that way though? Do you doubt yourself? Do you wonder if people think you're weird because you have chippy, rusty, or used items in your decor? Or are all of your friends like you and can appreciate your style?

So anyway... I'm sitting here in my living room with the bed springs hanging on the wall, the deer antlers poking out of the rusty tin bucket by the fireplace, and the thrifted, mismatched items creating little odd vignettes here and there feeling... kind of inadequate and weird I guess.

I'll get over it... I always do... I go and read some of my favorite blogs and I know there are other people out there who like to make things and repurpose things and create weird little displays all over their homes like me :o) I just wish some of you lived near me so we could be "in-person" friends!