Main Bathroom Redo - Final Reveal

03 May
Well, I'm wrapping up my main bathroom redo... finally! This weekend I worked on decorating the room. I'm not sure if you remember but I was going for an understated boho chic look. Join me for a little tour!

Understated Boho Bathroom

I love how it turned out, it feels so spa-like to me now :o)

First I hung up a new/old towel holder. It's one of those wooden expandable peg racks that you see all the time at thrift shops. They are like a staple in any good boho room I think!

Then I wanted to find a place for my small vintage hand mirror collection. I drilled a hole in the handle of this wooden one and hung it from one of the unused pegs next to the towels.

Then I tied some string around the handles of the two celluloid mirrors and hung them next to the sink from these cute knobs I found at Hobby Lobby. One of my favorite things about old mirrors is when the glass is all cloudy and has spots missing.

Then I started adding things to the {Repurposed Medicine Cabinet} Shelf that I made.

I'd call it a beachy boho retreat because I used some of the decor I had in my bathroom at my old house which was decorated in a beach/sea theme.

The top shelf has an old drawer front hanging on the back. Then I added some of my vintage shaving brush collection.

The next shelf has an old shaving cabinet, a wonderful smelling reed diffuser, sand dollars, a print I made on an old book page of some sea shells, and an adorable little sea horse.

The next shelf has a vintage bottle full of small sea shells, a little wooden sign I found at Tuesday Morning that says "Peace, hope, love", and two old books. And the bottom shelf has the rest of my shaving brush collection and a little iron mermaid.

Here's another shot of my vanity. See that post here: Updating a Dated Vanity}. I'm still so pleased with it!

Somehow, the blue sink doesn't look as dated now!

I put an old and pretty beat up corner shelf on the counter. I thought about painting it but I kind of like the natural, beat up wood look! I put two adorable little owls that I got from Hobby Lobby on the bottom shelf, a faux potted succulent and sea shells on the middle shelf, and a little sea shell coin purse on the top shelf.

This is one of my favorite little pictures. I've had it for a very long time, I think it's adorable! It's hanging right above the sink.

A large star fish sits above the door. (I actually glued a push pin to the back so I could secure it to the wall. I didn't want it to fall down when the door was closed and break)

I found this pretty beaded tassel at the thrift store. It felt very boho to me.

The paper on this picture warped due to the moisture of being in the bathroom. I still love it... wrinkles and all!

I had this wooden tray in the living room and it fit perfectly on the back of the toilet! It now has three little glass candle holders in the colors of the room (found at Hobby Lobby), a jar full of pretty colored razors, jar of bath soap, a large sea shell, and Tahiti room spray!

I really wanted one of these ceramic garden stools but they are a little out of my price range... this one is from World Market and it's $55.00

But then I found this at the Habitat store for only $7.00... it's a little rattan number and it was really dirty.

I cleaned it up and sprayed it hot pink!

And now I have a stool for my bathroom! The smaller size works better in here anyway.

I found this cute little metal stand at TJ Maxx and thought it would be perfect for a little spa-like retreat!

Extra toilet paper on the bottom shelf, lots of scrubby poufs, a towel and jar full of shell shaped soaps, and pretty smelling soaps on the top (also from TJ Maxx, I love their soap selection)!

So that's pretty much it for now. I still have a plan for a new shower curtain but didn't get to that this weekend.

You can see the rest of the posts of the main bathroom redo here:

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  1. Everything looks great Tania! I love the colors you used and it does have a beachy, boho, spa feel to it! Have a great week!!!

  2. You must feel so great every time you look at this space! What a transformation!!

  3. Love it! It's such a fun, colourful and uniquely you space. You did a wonderful job putting it all together.


  4. I like so many things about this re-do - especially the beachy vibe, the shaving brushes and that aqua sink! SO glad you kept that.

  5. Such a beautiful bathroom! I don't know what I love most, the wall color or that comfy looking bathmat. Glad you kept the blue sink, it looks fab in this room!

  6. I love the little stool you re did. I am needing one for my bathroom. I love the bead board also- we are in the process of installing it in our bathroom.

  7. Wonderful colors! This is inspiring!

  8. It all looks so perfect. I love the rattan stool too. Great finds! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Things Blog Hop. xo

  9. Here from Share Your Style. So glad to have found your blog. I'm a new follower. Love your sweet bathroom!! So pretty!

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'm following you now too :o)



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