Before and After - Microwave Cart Redo

I'm sharing my most recent furniture redo today.
microwave care makeover
I found this microwave care on Craigslist.

The glass doors just weren't doing it for me... neither was the dated oak... or the drawer and door pulls... I was envisioning chicken wire, cup handles, and a pretty pop of color...

So, I took out the glass panels (just held in with little tabs), removed all the old hardware (except for the wheels), sanded it down, and painted it Misty Emerald Lake by Glidden!

I added chicken wire to the doors with my staple gun and then I used some of this tiny trim to cover the sharp edges of the wire and staples.

It got new knobs and hinges too!

I decided to add stripes to give it just a little more character.

I learned this trick awhile back for crisp, clean lines every time... tape off the area you want to paint and then go over the edges of the tape with the base color (in my case the green).

Once that has dried you can then use your accent color. The base color over the edges of the tapes ensures that any bleed through under the tape is the base color and when you paint your accent color it doesn't bleed!

I didn't put the big towel bar back... I was going to because I thought it was a paper towel holder but it wasn't. So instead I added a simple hook.

Now that old, dated microwave cart is fresh and new! It would look great in a farmhouse kitchen!

What do you think?