Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

26 May
We stopped at an awesome Goodwill in The Dalles, Oregon on our way back from our {road trip to Portland} so most of this week's treasures are from there!

thrifting finds

This is a vintage mail holder from probably the 70's, I think it will be cute painted. The mushrooms are engraved so I can probably distress it to show the details after it's painted.

This little scraggly owl tugged at my heart-strings... he's just so scruffy... like the long haired dog who hasn't been combed in months! lol!

I think I might keep him. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. He'll be the first of many to create a collage like this!

A vintage cigar box.

Pretty botanical print.

I don't know what these are but I thought I could use them on something! They are resin or plastic...

... and look like they were once attached to something.

I think these crazy quilt pillows are pretty sweet... I know they aren't everyone's taste but they are so very boho and will go great in my {Little Boho Cottage} Etsy shop.

This dish towel has never been used, it's still crisp and kind of stiff!

Apparently it's called Sudeley Castle Sampler from the Museums & Galleries Collection and Irish Linen Made in U.K.

An unfinished spice rack.

Now these next things you've really got to pay attention to...

Check out what these pretty little Geisha's are eating!!!

Baha! The one eating KFC with chop sticks cracks me up!

They are made of plastic and I plan to add them to some vintage Melmac pieces for a full set of dishes!

And I need your help with this one... what is it?! Do you know?

At first I thought it was a sock darner but it's made of ceramic and has two holes in the back along with the words "Hot Stuff"... maybe half of a salt & pepper set?...  I have no idea now but I thought she was cute!

That's it for this week's trove! Have you guys found anything good lately?

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  1. Sudeley Castle was the home of Thomas Seymour. His sister Jane was Henry VIII's third wife and mother of Edward VI. He married Henry the Eighth's widow, Katherine Parr. She died in childbirth. He executed by his brother, Edward Seymour, the Lord Protector. Sad, sad story - the little daughter disappeared from view and no one knows what happened to her.

    1. Oh my goodness that is so sad :o( Thanks for sharing.


  2. Those plates are hilarious! And I just love that tea towel.

    1. The funny part is I didn't even notice what they were eating when I picked them up, I just saw the pretty colors and geisha girls and snatched them up! lol!


  3. Great finds! It must be a pepper shaker, do you think? Not sure what else it could be. I can't wait to see the detail on the mushrooms once you paint them! Love the tea towel!!
    Kimberley :)

    1. I really have no idea what it is but pepper shaker is probably a pretty safe bet!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hits the thrift store and flea market when traveling. You tend to find stuff that you might not see in your local stores. I think you have the beginnings of a macrame owl banner. They look really cute altogether like that.
    I like the cigar box and the Geisha Girl plates are really fun. What a great find.

    I went to a local thrift store yesterday and found a small square wood tray with some sort of patina'd metal lining the bottom. I'll paint the wood sides (they're pretty scratched up) and most likely use it on my nightstand to hold stuff. It was marked at 50 cents, but it was green tag day so I got it for 25 cents.

  5. Love the mail holder and the owl is a good start for your collection. I love that idea!
    Great haul!

  6. I read this yesterday but never had a chance to comment. Great finds once again! Don't you love going to a new thrift store you've never been in? I do! Such fun! Can't wait to see what you do to the mushroom piece. The owl is going to be so cool in a collection! So boho! The Geisha girl plates are hilarious! Have a good evening!


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