Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

12 May
It's that time again! :o)

Thrifting Finds

My mom and I managed to squeeze in a few garage sales on Saturday and then on Sunday my mom, dad, daughter, and I all went to an Estate sale after our Mother's Day pizza lunch!

I found these little mini pie pans and thought they were just adorable! I picked up four of them.

Love the colors of this little crochet pot holder.

I see lots of these trivets while out thrifting but I don't usually see any that are cute like this one!

I have found a use for ugly one's too though... here are a couple that I made over some time ago:

Back to the trove...

Kind of a cool old box... inside is an old hinge... I have a plan to do something with several old hinges I have like this.

I think these plates are so cool... I haven't ever seen them before.

I thought they would be appropriate for my {Little Boho Cottage} Etsy shop.

 Anyone know what this says?! Or have you ever seen these before? :o)

Another cute vintage pattern.

I love this little odd wedding couple!

They just make me smile!

I think this was the look on my face last time I got married! LMAO!

This  paper towel and wax paper holder is cute don't you think?

Love the pretty, soft colors of this handkerchief.

I just sold one of these wall hangings with a bunch of mountain goats on it, I think this one will sell too.

This granny square afghan is for my house. I'm in the process of creating a boho themed home so this will fit right in!

I think these old snack sets are cool. I think they would be fun to collect different sets to have tea parties with... they are so easily stored in their cute little boxes it would be easy to have a whole collection and not take up much space at all!

And last, but not least, my mom found these paintings for me. I think they will be cute with some quotes added to them!

That's it!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Love the wax paper dispenser. I sold my two off a few years ago and wish I hadn't. The wedding couple has made my day. Very creative way to makeover the trivets.

  2. My mom used to have a wax paper holder back in the 60's. I think it was stainless steel tho. You don't run across those too often.

  3. Your plate says "Edith, the practical woman, will never dress only for men after having faced the crisis of the Great War in a new style created by Chanel." I may have some verb tenses wrong - my six years of French classes were a long while back!

    1. Wow, thanks Joyce! I love the plates.


  4. Some great finds, Tania! Like Donna, I love your re-do of the trivets--you saved them! Hope you're having a great week :)

  5. Fabulous find as always :) the granny square blanket is my favourite - I have made a couple for my own home and they are just so snuggly and warm

    1. Thanks Lorna. I wish I could crochet or knit... I'd have blankets all over the place! :o)


  6. Great finds! I am loving the trivet makeovers. I will look at those with different eyes from now on! The afghan is very pretty and will look great with your boho style! Hope your week is going great!

  7. I have seen an idea for a large hinge that I'd like to pass on. Paint the hinge all over in any color you like. Rip a small piece of coordinating cloth and tie it into one of the corner holes. Bend the hinge the one way that it stays open. Now, it makes a ledge that you can put a photo or postcard on, or scrabble letter tiles that spell out a word or phrase, use a magnet to make sure that a small piece of paper doesn't blow off, etc. Maybe, now that I've written it out I won't forget it. I need hinges!


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