Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

It's that time again! :o)

Thrifting Finds

My mom and I managed to squeeze in a few garage sales on Saturday and then on Sunday my mom, dad, daughter, and I all went to an Estate sale after our Mother's Day pizza lunch!

I found these little mini pie pans and thought they were just adorable! I picked up four of them.

Love the colors of this little crochet pot holder.

I see lots of these trivets while out thrifting but I don't usually see any that are cute like this one!

I have found a use for ugly one's too though... here are a couple that I made over some time ago:

Back to the trove...

Kind of a cool old box... inside is an old hinge... I have a plan to do something with several old hinges I have like this.

I think these plates are so cool... I haven't ever seen them before.

I thought they would be appropriate for my {Little Boho Cottage} Etsy shop.

 Anyone know what this says?! Or have you ever seen these before? :o)

Another cute vintage pattern.

I love this little odd wedding couple!

They just make me smile!

I think this was the look on my face last time I got married! LMAO!

This  paper towel and wax paper holder is cute don't you think?

Love the pretty, soft colors of this handkerchief.

I just sold one of these wall hangings with a bunch of mountain goats on it, I think this one will sell too.

This granny square afghan is for my house. I'm in the process of creating a boho themed home so this will fit right in!

I think these old snack sets are cool. I think they would be fun to collect different sets to have tea parties with... they are so easily stored in their cute little boxes it would be easy to have a whole collection and not take up much space at all!

And last, but not least, my mom found these paintings for me. I think they will be cute with some quotes added to them!

That's it!

Hope everyone has a great week!