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28 June
Today I'm sharing a couple of books from the Curriculum Foundation Series, Art Stories, Book One and Science Stores, Book One.

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And if you missed the post about The Bobbsey Twins and Six Little Bunkers books, you can read it here: Vintage Books by Laura Lee Hope.

These books are so sweet. The first one is Art Stories, Book One.

Vintage Curriculum Foundation Series Books

This is a paragraph from the preface of the book...

Art Stories, Book One is the first-grade unit of a group of books devoted to the appreciation of art. This group and similar ones in other subjects make up the Curriculum Foundation Series. Each group of books within the series treats a separate subject, providing suitable content and giving specific training in reading this type of material.

This book provides an opportunity to awaken in the child an appreciation of beauty.

Through pictures and story material the child is made conscious of beauty in color, form, and line as seen in nature, in pictures, in all his surroundings.

Boy, they weren't kidding! Look at these vibrant, colorful illustrations!!

A number of the pictures in the book are reproductions of paintings or works that have been previously published.

This one is called "Among the Flowers" and it's by Alice Beard.

This book was published in 1934. Even the back is cute! :o)

The next one is the Science version.

This book teaches in the same manner as the art stories book, it has some really beautiful illustrations.

It is also copyright 1934.

I think it would be so cute to copy some of these sweet little pictures and put them in a child's nursery!

These books were written by several authors together, one of them being William S. Gray who was one of the authors of the very popular Dick and Jane books. They are very similar to Dick and Jane!

I couldn't find much about them online but I did see that they seem to be priced around $25 to $30.

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  1. I love finding old books too and these are great . Since I am a teacher, the old school books hold a special spot in my heart! Thanks!

  2. Very cool! I love picture books and illustrations, and when my kiddos were little, and I didn't have much money to decorate, I framed illustrations from some of my favorite picture books to decorate their walls.

    1. I think I'll use some of them in some altered book projects.


  3. Both series of books are wonderful finds. I shudder to think what the decorators do with the old textbooks they buy from my booth. I know they cut them up and frame the illustrations.


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