Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

30 June
You guys... it took me forever to edit all these pictures for this week's Treasure Trove Tuesday, I might have to start picking out just a few items when I end up with a lot and focusing more on them... we'll see :o)

Thrifting Finds

I've been having fun coming up with my new teaser picture. I don't know if you've noticed the difference but I used to put the shot of everything with the banner on it and starting last week I've picked out something to use a piece of for a close up shot. Last week it was a bag of sea shells and this week it's this beautiful... well... you'll have to wait and see what exactly it is!!

This is the shot of everything together that I would normally use. So let's get rolling and start exploring this pile of treasures!!

I thought this cross stitch banner with the owls was so cute!

This guy is my favorite... that's how I feel most days that I have to go to my dreaded day job instead of being able to stay home and work on my business! lol!

I got a bag of these crystal strings. They are beautiful and heavy. Not sure yet what I'll use them for but something will come up!

And this little guy was tossed into the bag... all alone...

The pretty fabric behind the little yellow chick is this gorgeous little flirty apron. It was thrown into a bag of other (very ugly) aprons and the bag was marked $10! So, I was pawing through it when someone asked me how much the aprons were. I said "Ten dollars for the bag... pffft" in a rather disgusted voice not realizing it was one of the ladies in charge... oops! She was very nice and said "well I think we can do better than that", how about $1?

I am planning on painting the wood part of this sign a creamy white and hanging it in my booth at the antique mall.

These old tarnished pieces of silverware were in a bag for $1. I am thinking of using my metal stamps and making plant markers with them.

Look at the beautiful patterns!

This cute little post card was in an ugly, cheap frame. It was .50 cents.

Another old Thermos. I like the little handle on it.

What do you think of this? You can love it or hate it I think... I thought it would be cute to add it to something and make a sort of camping sign or something with it. (He needs a new nose).

I love the pine cones on this glass vase.

I've already started a makeover of this flower picture. I'll share that soon.

A collection of old shoe stretchers. I used to have a giant collection of these, they look kind of cool in a vase... kind of like a quirky bouquet of flowers!

I just noticed this mug has a little chip on the edge but it's ok because I'm keeping it anyway, I love the polka dots!

Some plastic coasters (sorry for the blurry picture).

I love plates like this... I like how it looks like the flowers and fruits are sitting on a table instead of just a bunch of flowers in the middle of a plate.

Cheese tray... or display cloche!!

Old pie pans aren't much on their own but I have sold them in groups so people can create displays like this:

Source unknown

I have a collection of dishes in this pattern so I was really excited to find 4 more!

These are the first ones that have a mark!

The yellow hanger is for me, the green one will probably be sold in my Etsy shop.

I love the delicate scroll work on this little shelf. It's very small, probably enough space for one little figurine.

I found quite a few pieces of melamine to create new table settings with. I sell them in my Little Vintage Cottage Etsy shop.

I'm collecting these pot holders to make something fun with.

These linen towels don't look like they've ever been used.

This one cracks me up!

This will be a good candidate for stamping a quote on.

This lovely "Cupid Alseep" picture. This is a reproduction on canvas but I love it still. :o)

And last but not least... what was that pastel floral thing that I used in the very first teaser shot?

It's a beautiful paper parasol!

Whew! That's it for this week!

You can find these and other past Treasure Trove Tuesday finds in my Etsy shops:

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  1. I appreciate all your hard work so I could see your treasures. My favorites would be the Kewpie postcard - I have a few of them, but not this one, the knick knack shelf, and Cupid Asleep canvas.

  2. You had great luck this week! I knew right away that was a parasol. So pretty! I love the way you are using an item for a teaser photo. The antiques sign is my favorite and it will look awesome in your shop! The apron is adorable and those shoe stretchers are so cool! Never seen any like them. Have a great...short week! :)

  3. Ah, a parasol - I was guessing a sheet.

    The silverware was my favorite and the purple dishes.

  4. "if her love runs cold, give her a fur coat" PETA would have something to say about that. lol

    Really neat finds again this week. You must have some great shops near you. I love the parasol.

  5. Just finding your blog and looking back at older posts! Love all your finds. I'm a new follower!



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