Before and After - Thrifted Lamp Redo

1960's lamp makeover

I picked up this lamp at Goodwill for $2.99 awhile back.

I don't think I ever showed it at {Treasure Trove Tuesday}... I gotta keep some things secret so I have unexpected and interesting things to blog about! So you'll be like... "hey, where'd she get that?!"

It's kind of like when you've grown up in a house... with your parents... you've spent your entire growing up years in that house... with them... you know the house like the back of your hand... you know where everything is... and then one day, your mom or dad pulls something out of some secret, hidden, recessed area of the house and you say... "where the hell did that come from?!"... "Well, we've had it for yeeeaaars" they say!.... WHAT?!?!? How did I live half of my life there and I've never seen that before??!!

Aaanywaaay... I picked it up this lamp with the intention of giving it a makeover and selling it in my space at the antique mall. I liked the design on the lamp and the 1960's mid-century vibe.

I gave it a quick makeover with some creamy off-white spray paint.

It didn't have a shade when I bought it but I had this one out in the garage. I was actually just trying to see what shape and size of shade I needed to find for it before taking it to my space at the antique mall...

But when I put this shade on the lamp a strange thing happened... the heavens opened and the angels started singing and I fell IN. LOVE. with it... ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration...

But I decided to keep it... that never happens to any of you right??!!

The pattern on the base of the lamp reminds me of a sweater now that it's white.

I decided to add some more shades of white around it with the old doily, an antique clock, and the little owl shaped reed diffuser that my daughter got me for Christmas a few years ago.

What do you think?... I think now I'm on the hunt for another lamp for my antique space!!