Living Room Update

19 July
Whew, it's been a whirl wind of activity around here lately! My dad was here today helping me with part of my half bath redo, I can't wait to share what we've been working on!

In the meantime, I've made some changes in my living room that I'd like to share. 

Living Room Update
It all starts with this wood stove. This is the picture I took when I bought the house back in September '14.

At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it but I decided to live with it for awhile and see what I thought. Here's a picture of my living room at Christmas time last year... living with the wood stove.

I do have to admit that I loved how the fireplace looked here with the tree next to it... but the rest of the time... not so much.

I decided, who am I kidding? I'm never going to use it... I have central heat and air in the house so I don't need it for a heat source... it's not like a fireplace where you can watch the crackling flames, the door would be closed like it is here.

So I made a couple of phone calls to see how much it would cost to have it removed... I know... some of you are grimacing and screaming "nooooooooooooo"... sorry. But in my defense... they told me that the "Blaze King" models aren't even made anymore because they don't meet today's clean burning standards... so I felt a little better about it and I made the decision to have it taken out.

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly wanted to put my couch over here in this corner.

And I love how it looks now!

You can see Pongo is happy with it too. He loves to lay up here and stare out the window... I swear he's part cat. And of course... moving the couch over to this side of the room spurred a whole redecorating frenzy! ;o)

And is that a disco ball??? Why yes... yes it is!! I picked it up at a garage sale two weekends ago for a mere $2. It even has a color wheel type light that goes with it but I wasn't interested in that part... just the disco ball itself.

Almost everything in my house is thrifted or handmade... to me that's more fun than buying everything new. I did a post awhile back {here} when I was feeling self-conscious and doubting that decision. You guys all made me feel better with your sweet comments and I have to say... right now if that "friend" I talked about in that post were to come over and say something negative she'd have a fight on her hands because I LOVE my decor decisions!

My house feels like home to me... like you can curl up and "get comfy".

Like this :o)

I put my subway art that I made in the corner, my pillows I made right before I moved into this house are on the couch. Speaking of couches... that's one of the few things I have purchased new. It's a sectional from Ikea and I got a white slip cover and grey slip cover for it.

I used some shutters I picked up at a thrift store in the corner of the window seat and created a little vignette. The plant is from work... one of my co-workers retired and left his plants behind so we split them up and I took this one home. The feather print is from Big Lots.

Over by the front door I have my grandma's table with a yard sale lamp, thrifted owl, elephant, and latch hook wall hanging. The shelf is also from a thrift store, and the feather hanging inside the old frame is a donation from a little bird in my back yard :o)

That's Roxanne on the floor... Pongo is a couch, blanket, cozy kinda guy... Roxanne is a middle of the floor, spread out kinda gal!

This rug is a recent new purchase. I got it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It kind of goes with my boho vibe I've got going... or maybe I should just call my style eclectic... I have little bits of boho... country... farmhouse... modern... etc. so I guess I'm eclectic... or just weird :o)

I picked up the credenza at the Habitat store and it's now next to the front door with my TV (gifted from my best friend in the whole world :o) for my birthday last year. Don't ask me what's happening on the TV... I think I was watching Cheaters!

I found the jar at a garage sale for $2 and put a string of lights inside for a cozy little accent.

I found the vintage flower prints at Goodwill and the metal deer head is from Decor Steals.

It's actually covering up the old baseboard heater thermostat until I remove it. They installed central heat and air in the house but left all the old baseboard heater thermostats!

Here is the front door corner. Sorry for the picture quality, it's so dark in this corner when the door is closed. I'm still planning to paint both the front door and the coat closet door.

But I wanted to show this gorgeous wool throw I picked up at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago! I almost jumped for joy when she said it was only $1!!!

I love it but wasn't quite sure how to display it. I decided to add a dowel to the back and hang it.

And one of my thrifted macrame owls is hanging on the front door.

Speaking of macrame... I'm so glad it's back in style for now. I love it! I found this plant hanger at the thrift store too.

This is my corner where I usually sit when I'm watching TV. The chair was an Overstock purchase years ago. The afghan is thrifted, the suitcases were all thrifted and I brought them back into the living room to act as a side table next to the chair.

The crib springs hanging on the wall are from the dump! and the other things hanging on the wall are all thrifted except for the racoon clock... that's from Pick Your Plum and the octagon shelf it's sitting on was from Hobby Lobby.

Oh, and I made the book page wreath years ago after seeing one in a Pottery Barn catalog.

I brought this industrial shelving unit over from the dining room to act as a sort of room divider.

Part of my globe collection is sitting on top.

The second shelf holds my new Crosley record player a framed post card, and some of my magazine hoard!

I found the String of Pearls plant at the grocery store for only $4.99 (originally $18.99!) It's in kind of sad shape so I'm trying to nurse it back to health. And take a look at that light... over on the right...

I saw one of these industrial lights online and showed my dad... and he made one for me for Christmas last year! Yippee! I'm ashamed I haven't shown it sooner... I just kept forgetting! He made a smaller version for my daughter too. The light is turned on by the switch but the plug-in operates separately so you can charge your cell phone without the light being on!

Here is the view of the shelves from the dining room.

I put a couple of the concrete spheres I made on this shelf along with some other odd items...odd like me! lol!

My vintage radio I've had for probably 15 years and some old books are on the bottom shelf.

I found this piece of driftwood that someone painted at Goodwill and I thought the flowers were kind of pretty. I hung it right on the end of the book shelf.

Now we have done a complete tour of the living room and we're back to the couch. Remember the woodstove was here... I put the ladder with the quilts hanging from it here to disguise the large hole in the wall that was left by the stove pipe. I covered it with blue duct tape for now until I get time to patch it.

See it back there? I bet you didn't even notice huh? :o)

I did a little rearranging in my dining room as well...

I put my table over here in the corner by the sliding glass door and moved my round jute rug from the living room.

My table and chairs are from Craigslist... I love them, they remind me of my grandma :o) I am planning to recover the chairs though.

I made the shelf from old fence boards when I replaced my fence at my old house, the clock is from a garage sale, and the MENU letters are from an antique show.

The shelf is holding a portion of my collection of old cutting boards, my cow creamer collection, and an old milk jar (all from garage sales and thrift shops).

You know how every family has what they call the "black sheep" of the family... the one who is always in trouble, always breaking the rules? Well, this family of cows has a black cow!! And like the sheep he's off on his own!

On the table is my vintage fruit & vegi box, a white frame with an old crock and flour sifter sitting in the middle.

Now see this corner in front of the bookcase... where the old bucket full of antlers is sitting?

I think a comfy chair would be perfect right here. Seems like people congregate in the kitchen and dining room when company is over... so if I ever had company I think they might like to sit in a chair here in the dining room!

And I found one over the weekend! It needs to be reupholstered so I'll be working on that soon!

I have a little mini gallery wall going in that corner with a "Take Adventures" poster hanging from an old window screen, an old crate with some do-dads inside and a little book page pennant banner, another macrame owl! Squeal! They make me so happy!! And the chalkboard is actually a window out of my first house that I put chalkboard contact paper on. It has a quote from Captain Jack Sparrow...

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.

And so there you have it... that's my living/dining room redo. I'm so happy with how both rooms turned out! What do you think? PS... don't tell me if you hate it mmmmkay?

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  1. Fantastic, fun and comfy. As I say about my home, I live in it, it's not a model! Love all your great finds!

    1. Thank you! And I definitely agree with that statement... I do live here... and it's a big 'ol mess a lot of the time! :o)


  2. Wow Tania! I LOVE it! I think taking the heater out was a good idea. I would have too! I thought the ladder was there to disguise the hole and then you verified it! Smart thinking! I love the large size of your living room. I wish mine were that big! Everything looks great together. I love a mix of things...I guess I'm weird! My favorite thing you did is use the metal shelf as a room divider. I also love all the vignettes on it, especially the globes. I love globes! The take adventures poster is very fitting nearby as well. I'm sure you and the pups will enjoy this new configuration! Have a wonderful week! I'm sending out my box today. :)

  3. So warm and inviting! Great job of decorating on a small budget Tania!

  4. Tania, I love it! So warm, fun, inviting and interesting! I love a room that has lots of visual surprises and yours does! So much fun and I love how it reflects you and your love of life! I'm inspired to make mine more fun!!


  5. Omg, love all the macrame! But omg, holy disco ball, am I jealous! Wow, you truly are a thrifting master!

  6. Love, love, love it! I'd like to just walk around the room and look at everything - so much fun stuff to check out. Don't ever doubt your style again - it's awesome!

  7. My goodness you were busy Tania. And it looks fantastic! I completely support your decision to remove the woodstove. You have much more usable space now. I just love your style. It represents your fun loving personality. Can't wait to see what you do next.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy with my decision to remove the wood stove too!


  8. I love your space. It reflects the personality of the person that lives there and that's what makes it a real home. I like all your interesting pieces and fun collections and your sofa looks so comfy.
    Oh, and I love the sign that says something about not acting your age. I can see it peeking out on your shelving unit. The light your Dad made is awesome by the way.

  9. You had me with the disco ball ;) The room is cozy and inviting!

  10. Your doggy is so cute and the living room looks beautiful, thanks for sharing this on Dream Create and Inspire.

  11. What lovely cozy spaces you have created in every nook and cranny! :)

  12. a fun very personal home. that is what a home should be....ours and only reflecting us!

  13. Love how cozy your home is - and it reflects your personality as all our homes do. Love all your collected pieces. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  14. Wish I lived closer I would have totally taken that wood stove off of your hands!!! I have been serving Craigslist for months now for an affordable one:). I can see that you have a much more usable space w/o it. The sectional looks great in its place!!! Love the globe and cow creamer collections:). Your home really looks beautiful and comfortable. Thanks so much for sharing this. Have a great week and take care, Tara

  15. Thanks for sharing the re-do living room at my last Fabulous Friday, I am taking a break from this party and doing another party where I co host and its called Dream Create and Inspire. Stop by if you have a few minutes
    Thanks Maria


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