Quick Makeovers and a Booth Update

30 July
antique mall space

I did a couple of really quick little makeovers recently...

I've had this little black metal magazine rack for a few years now. I decided it's finally time to part with it since I'm not really using it.

And I found this metal towel rack at Goodwill recently.

The magazine rack was beginning to rust a bit and one side was bent in. No problem with that... I just layed it on it's side and stood on the bent part to straighten it out! Nothing like a little brute force!

I sprayed it with a couple of coats of this pretty robin's egg blue paint. I think it looks fresh and new again!

The towel rack didn't have any condition issues... unless you count boring as a condition!

I sprayed it with a pretty moss green color to take it from boring to a lively little number!

I put it to work at my space at the antique mall holding vintage table cloths and dish towels. It is for sale too but until someone buys it I figure it's good for this!

Speaking of booth...

The table and chairs that were in my space sold so I brought the bar stools back in and moved the microwave cart between them against the chalkboard wall.

I've decided that every time I go in to check on my space I need to take some things with me to add... even if it's just one thing...after all... it isn't going to sell sitting in my house!!

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  1. Love seeing your booth. Great collection of great collectibles.

  2. Your booth looks fantastic!

  3. Love your booth. I know what you mean about taking things each time you go. Sometimes I have a problem of going often enough.

    1. Thanks Sharon. The place where I'm renting my space is right on my way home from work so it's pretty easy for me to stop every couple of days and my mom and I stop on Saturdays after we're done garage saling. :o)


  4. The wire mesh racks and shelves sell well for me. I love the colors you chose. Your booth is very eye-catching.

  5. I love how the two metal racks look now. Love both paint colors! The green looks vintage!
    Your booth looks amazing, it would be a booth that would lure me in! ;)

  6. I love the two makeovers, especially robin's egg blue one. It has such a mid-century vibe to me. Both colours you chose are so fresh and fabulous. Your booth looks so nice and organized. I have a half table like yours in the front there. Mine is still waiting for its makeover... two years after I found it. lol.

  7. Both pieces look great with their new coats of paint. Like the green on the towel rack. Oo, I see a Chinese checkers board! Cool!

  8. I have a little table similar to the magazine rack. It's black with the same perforated metal. Both of your metal pieces look cute and fresh with their new coats of paint.
    Your booth is very eye catching and congrats on selling the table and chairs.

  9. I just love your booth. So happy and appealing. The two racks turned out terrific. You find such great stuff.


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