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03 July
Today I'm sharing a few makeovers I did with some things I've picked up at garage sales and thrift shops.

thrift shop makeovers

I've actually had these for a couple of years I think... jeez, I need to stop that! When I buy something I need to do what I had planned and stop procrastinating!

Anyway... they are made of plastic and I think they used to be pretty common in young girls' bedrooms.

First I gave them a coat of Robin's Egg Blue paint. And then I removed some of the mirror backing and added some pretty, vintage looking scrapbook paper to peek through.

I thought they would be cute as shelves instead of candle holders so I found a couple of small wooden plaques in my stash, covered them with vintage book pages, and glued them to the top of the candle cups!

Here's a closer picture of the mirror with the paper peeking through.

I also made the backs look a little bit cuter. My mom and I learned long ago, during our craft bazaar days, that for some unknown reason people like to have the backs look nice... even though when they are hanging up and you'll never see them.

Next up is this old, floral picture that I showed for last week's Treasure Trove Tuesday. It's also made of plastic.

I painted the plastic parts grey and painted the flowered insert with chalkboard paint.

It can hang either direction.

And then, from a couple of Treasure Trove Tuesday's ago, this plastic wall sconce... we seem to have a plastic theme going here!

I painted it sunny yellow :o)

The glass already had an old, mottled look to it so I didn't do anything else to it.

And another... yep, you guessed it... plastic wall hanging! This one also has a mirror (I had already taken it out so I could paint this part).

I did the same treatment to the mirror as the small round ones above. I removed parts of the mirror backing and used vintage wallpaper on this one.

Ok... no more plastic...

Well... this has some Plexiglas... does that count as plastic?!

I painted it white...

And a funny little happy accident happened when I painted it... the dark brown lines bled through and came out pink!!

Last is this (definitely not plastic) vintage plate. All I did was add some vinyl stick-on letters!

I took these all to my booth today.

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  1. Everything came out great! I absolutely love that plastic/resin to redo. It spray paints beautifully. It's also easy to transform. I love the welcome sign with the chalkboard...too cute! Have a great 4th of July!

  2. You were on a roll! It all looks so much better brightened up with a little paint! That's funny about the scrolls showing thru the white paint. Great job on everything!

  3. Great ideas for using your treasures!! Love the yellow one!!

  4. Love how you removed some of the mirror - how do you do that?

  5. Hello, I'm visiting from Share It. Nothing I love better than a great thrift store upcycle! Paint is THE best way to transform and these are fabulous! Blessings, Cecilia

  6. Stopped by from the linky party and wanted to let you know, Dawn @ Overboard Creations
    Love the Gorgeous up-cycle frames.

  7. Holy moly! Who knew ugly thrift store stuff could look THIS good???


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