Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

07 July
Hello again!! I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July, I had a whole 5 days off and I enjoyed every second of it! Today I'm sharing my latest vintage finds.

Thrifting Finds

Remember last week's teaser picture was a pretty paper parasol. What do you think this one is? Stay tuned and find out!

Someone gave this little jewelry box a makeover at one point but I think it needs another!

And I think it needs a little mirror inside the lid to make it perfect.

I like these vintage accordion peg racks. I used one in my {boho bathroom redo}.

Some more vintage padded hangers. I've been collecting these and slowly replacing all the ugly plastic hangers in my closet. All the different patterns make for an eclectic yet rich looking closet and they are great for your clothes!

And a little Christmas in July with this set of vintage Santa mugs! One of our Goodwill stores keeps a section of Christmas stuff out year round. I've seen these with adorable little bottle brush trees in them for the holidays.

And now here starts the real theme of this week's treasures... It's a little hint about what the teaser photo is too so pay attention!

First I found these vintage baby shoes which prompted me to start digging through the pile of baby clothes that was right below them. I don't usually pay much attention to baby clothes but I was in a leisurely sort of shopping mood so I started looking...

I found these two adorable little blue corduroy bonnets.

And a pretty little crochet jacket and bonnet set.

And then... not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of these adorable little shirts and a dress with cute designs.

A dress and panties with an adorable little elephant.

A sweet carousel horse on this little boy's shirt.

A tiny sail boat complete with an anchor!

And a cute little yellow gingham dog that matches the little bow tie. Aren't these so sweet?! They don't look like any of them have ever been worn!

And then I found this cute baby book.

Look at the sweet images... does anyone keep baby books anymore? I had one for my daughter.

And a children's book. It's pretty worn out as evidenced by the tape holding it together. My plan is to have a children's theme in my space for awhile at the antique mall so I'm collecting these things for that. I have a couple of pieces of furniture that I'll be working on soon too.

And I thought this book would be a good candidate for a banner made from the pages inside. Like this one from {Boxy Colonial}.

Here are some of the inside pages I'll be working with.

Sooo.... have you been thinking about the baby theme of my finds and what that teaser picture could be?

Here it is again... so soft and pretty with little embroidered flowers...

If you guessed baby blanket then you were right! It's a very small baby blanket and oh so sweet!

All these baby things make me wish my baby was little again... she's almost 25!

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  1. Great treasures, I have an accordian rack just like that one that I hang my coffee mugs on.

    1. Thanks Lorna! They are handy aren't they?!


  2. Love all the baby stuff! So cute! But i think you're pushing Sydney's age a wee bit!

  3. What a sweet post Tania! I kept baby books on both my kids too and my daughter is also almost 26...September 27th to be precise! I just love all the baby finds. They will make a cute corner in your booth. Love the book page banner idea too. I have a book jacket banner hanging in my classroom. I love it! Of course, I am a children's literature fan! Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Those baby items are so precious! And I can't believe you have a 26 year old. You don't look much older than that yourself!

    1. Awww, thanks Kimberly! I'm older than I look I guess! :o]


  5. All the adorable vintage baby items are examples of what our thrift stores now toss before they ever reach the selling floor. I adore the shoes and the sweet clothes. the baby blanket is lovely.

  6. Your collection of padded hangers is growing fast. The baby items are so sweet and in nice condition. The bold graphics in the book will make a great banner.


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