Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

28 July
Hello there... it's time for Treasure Trove Tuesday!

thrifting finds

What do you think of this teaser picture? Isn't it pretty? I bet you can't guess what it is! ;o)

I thought this plate was so pretty. It doesn't have any markings on it though so I don't know anything about it. :o(

I've seen tobacco tins before but I've never seen a white one like this... it's very elegant... if smoking tobacco can be elegant!

I believe this is the bottom portion of a baking mold. My mom tells me that it probably had some sort of top to make it a complete mold. I just liked the shape and the patina it has. It would make a unique and beautiful flower vase don't you think?

A sweet little brass mouse :o) It's marked "Made in India" on the bottom.

I love this plastic owl wall hanging... he's so sweet looking... I'm having a hard time NOT keeping him!

Eskimo salt and pepper shakers.

A post card display. You can change the postcard behind the glass out and store others inside.

A couple of white bowls.

I've been looking for some orange potholders like this! I have a vintage Sunkist sign that is rather plain so my plan is to add some hooks and hang the potholders from it. I thought since it's Sunkist either orange or yellow potholders would be cute.

Another sweet owl, he's actually a coin bank.

A very unique vintage floral painting.

Isn't this little majorette doll the cutest?! Her neck is a little wobbly but I thought she was so sweet.

A vintage pull toy.

Another cute little mug to add to my own collection.

This is such a funny little stand. I don't really know what it's original purpose was but I think it would be cute in a bathroom or even as a little side table.

Retro curtains!

I so wish I had room in my laundry room for this cute stool... but I don't... *sigh*

I found a whole box of these vintage drawing and painting books, I picked out a few pretty ones.

Do you recognize this one? Yep! It's what I used for the teaser picture!

So, I think I found some pretty good treasures this week, what do you think?

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  1. The pot holders are my favorite!

  2. I like the post card holder and the unusual white stand the best.

  3. Lots of great treasures, but I also love the post card holder! So different!

  4. Quite a haul! I might need that white bowl on the left. It matches one i have and reminds me of some mom had many years ago! I guess that's why i like them.

  5. I'd say you definitely had a great week! You found some awesome treasures. That strawberry coffee cup is the cutest! The postcard holder is so unique. And, I spotted a copper tea kettle in the group photo that you didn't show. It looks pretty too! Oh, that little majorette doll is so cute! Lots of new additions to your shops!

  6. I love the post card holder too, live that you can change up the display postcard!
    Those vintage curtains are cute too and the stool!
    Good haul this week! :)

  7. Wow - what a score. Your plum pudding mold would look great with succulents in it. I wonder if the metal stand was a telephone table with space for big phone books below?

    1. Oh Mary, you're so smart! A telephone table! I bet you're right!! It's the perfect size for that! Just think of the young kids going "why do you need a table for your cell phone?" lol!



  8. That's an ice cream mold, actually. Go see: see the pic of the ice cream in the upper right corner?

    1. Well that's just cool! I've never seen an ice cream mold before... now I want ice cream! :o)


  9. My favourite is the post card holder. It's so unique and would be great to sit on coffee table so guests could flip through a collection of cards. You found lots of cuteness, the salt & pepper, the doll, the owls and the vintage pull toy. I like the mould too, it has a nice patina on it.


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