Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

25 August
This weekend went by so fast! I had planned to finish up a couple of projects and work on my {half bathroom redo} but time got away from me... again... :o(

I promise... new projects and updates are coming soon!

I did manage to get some thrifting done for Treasure Trove Tuesday though!

Thrifting Finds

I think it's amazing how you can hit a few thrift shops and yard sales and come away with a group of things that go perfectly together... what a fun way to decorate a room don't you think?

Like this little grouping of beach themed items...

I love this painting and wish I had a beach cottage to display it in! I've been picking up old paintings and upcycling them by stamping quotes on them but I don't think I'll do that to this one... it's to pretty :o)

You can see some of those upcycled paintings here: Trash to Treasure - Upcycled Thrift Shop Paintings if you missed them.

I found a bag of large shells... I have a project in mind for them.

Here's another cute grouping... if you like hippie/boho stuff!

I just love this round, fluffy owl wall hanging!

I like this ceramic owl's flower eyes :o)

I had one of these little desk organizers in one of my shops awhile back and it sold almost immediately so I was glad to find another.

A Melamine creamer, these are fun to collect and put together into little mismatched sets and are perfect for a vintage camper!

I know, I know... this isn't very pretty in its current state but I plan to paint it. Take a look at all {these} on Pinterest!

These rattan paper plate holders always sell really good in my shop just like this but I saw {these} and I want to give it a shot! Aren't they cool?

Here's a grouping of pretty pastel items...

These vintage towels are in great condition!

And just look at these adorable ceramic fish!!! EEEEeeeek!

Speaking of cuties... :o)

I'm not sure if she's old or a reproduction but I think I'll keep her so it doesn't matter much anyway.

I thought this doily was pretty...

And here's what I used for the background of the teaser picture... a vintage baby blanket!

This is cool... it's pretty large... I think it's supposed to be a side table but it's missing the top. I'll find something cool to make into a top.

And if folds up! I've seen cool book racks and candle and incense burners made like this but not a table!

This shoe storage back would be handy in a nursery to hold diapers, powder, etc. or I use one in my craft room to hold vintage pom-pom trim.

Or you could use it to hold vintage dollies!!!

That's it this week!

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  1. So much cool stuff and I love how you grouped it. The seashore items are calling my name and that cute pink watering can. Fun post!


  2. The beach picture is my favorite.

  3. Another score of unique and interesting items. I love that little dolly, she's so cute. I would paint a little polka dot bikini and display her in my bathroom along with some beach theme items. I probably would have grabbed that ceramic cow skull too. It would look great spray painted.

    When I saw the carved table legs, I immediately saw butterfly wings. If you were to take it apart and find an old spindle for the body and give it a fun paint job, it would make fun garden art. I've seen old ceiling fan blades and spindles used to make dragonflies for yard art.

  4. You always find the best stuff! That little beach picture is so pretty. I remember having a similar desk caddy to that one. I had forgotten about patterned cool! And, my granny had some fish almost just like those on her wall when I was a teenager. Lots of great stuff!

  5. Hi Tania! :)
    Oh my gosh, I am so glad I do not live close to your booth...I would be so broke! ;)
    I love the seaside painting, and those shabby chic towels are so pretty! I used to have a little desk organizer just like that, except mine was orange and white!
    That fuzzy wuzzy owl is really cute, you find a lot of owls!
    And (insert screams of terror) that doll is missing arms.... ;)

    1. LMAO! I thought of you when I was talking about the doll... I wondered if the missing arms would bug you... sorry... ;o)


  6. Love the Kewpie doll - they are hard to find. Like the colors you were able to group. I am guilty of making the fuzzy owls back in my hippie years.


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