Before and After - Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet

22 September
Old kitchen cabinet turned stylish cabinet

You may have noticed there was no Treasure Trove Tuesday this week... sad for my blog... good for my soul!

I've got SO MUCH stuff that I need to get listed in my Etsy shops and added to my booth at the antique mall that I've been trying not to buy more until I make some progress with what I already have.

Sometimes I'm successful with that goal, sometimes I'm not! Last week I did really good, I didn't buy anything! I even went to Goodwill with my daughter and managed to leave empty handed as painful as it was!!

I got quite a bit of stuff added to my booth at the antique mall on Saturday. You can see my new fall decorated booth here: Fall Themed Antique Booth if you missed it.

Now I've started adding stuff to my Etsy shops. Pop over and take a look!

In the meantime, I got another little project done for my half bath redo.

I found this awesome chippy green and pink kitchen cabinet at an antique store.

It was just the size I needed for the area next to my {new vanity} in the half bathroom.

But it was a little rough...

The shelves were made with some weird thin pressed board stuff along with pieces of thicker, regular wood... kind of pieced together like they didn't have enough!

And it was D.I.R.T.Y!!

I made some new shelves with scrap wood I had and added a bottom to the cabinet.

The gap between the new bottom and the old bottom doesn't matter because this is the back of the cabinet... so the backing will be added again to cover up all the gaps.

I added some adorable little bun feet to give my cabinet more of a furniture feel.

After I got all that done I wanted to reuse the original back piece... there wasn't really anything wrong with it... it was just old and ugly...

I found this wrapping paper at Value Village awhile ago and I thought it would be cute to cover the old, ugly backing in my cabinet!

Uh-yup!! Pretty darn cute don't you think?! :o)

I painted the whole inside (minus the inside of the door... I thought it was cute pink!) with the leftover paint from my {main bathroom redo}. I used some of this same paint in other areas of my half bath but you'll have to wait for the big reveal to see that!

I also added a new top to this little cutie. It's just a simple piece of stained plywood but I'm thinking about maybe tiling it or something.

See that gap in between the new top and the old top?

I added a piece of trim from my scrap pile to fill that in.

It's now in it's new spot in the half bathroom holding all kinds of bathroom necessities!

It's definitely not perfect but I love it in all it's shabby glory.

I found the white basket on the bottom shelf at Goodwill, it fits perfectly and holds all the taller things that won't fit in the dresser drawers on my vanity... hairspray, frizz taming cream, lotion, etc.

Here's a better view of the top... what do you think? Tile or leave it stained... or some other cool treatment? Suggestions?

I love the old latch.

Surprisingly it works like a charm even with all those layers of paint!

What do you think?

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  1. I love what you've done with it, but I'm not sure about the top. I think it takes away from the coolness of the paint colors.

  2. Perfect furniture is over rated. I LOVE the look of this cabinet, especially how you kept its personality while improving the structure of it. Great makeover! Look forward to the bathroom reveal...that tealish color on the shelves is so pretty!

  3. Very cute - love that wrapping paper as a backing!!! I agree that the top needs something. Maybe use some trim around the edge or maybe replace it completely with 1x3 boards? Even painting it white might help to make it blend in with the vintage look. Super cute find!

  4. Hi Tania! :)
    I agree with Anne...small trim around the edge would make the top look like it belongs and I would paint the top the same, pink underneath and then the blue on top. I don't think you want to take away from your amazing sink vanity in there!
    I love this little cabinet, and I don't like perfect...the vintage is beautiful and the hardware is so pretty! Love the paper you used inside too!!

    1. Thanks Kimberley. I like Anne's idea of the wood on top too!


  5. So cute! I would just buy some of that iron on wood veneer edging and stencil the top with paint. I think that would be super cute. Can't wait to see what you do with it. It is the old paint and the feet. Oh yeah...the wrapping paper is gorgeous!

  6. This is just adorable!!! Whatever you do with the top will be awesome. Love all the layers and your pretty paper!


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