Camping Trip to the Oregon Coast

14 September
Thursday my daughter and I took off for the Oregon coast for a little camping trip with {my vintage trailer}!

We stopped at Washington Stonehenge. It's a full-size replica of the original English Stonehenge built as a memorial to those who died in WWI. You can read more about it {here} if you are interested.

There is a beautiful view overlooking the Columbia River.

Then we went on our way... until we finally made it to the beach!!

The weather was beautiful, between 75 and 80 degrees.

We saw what's left of the shipwreck of Peter Iredale that ran aground in 1906.

And we saw the sea lions in Astoria, Oregon. There are SO. MANY. of them!! and aren't sure what to do about them all, this year they have arrived in record numbers, over 2,300 that line the docks.

They lay there sunning themselves!

Astoria is where the movie Goonies was filmed. We saw what we could of the Goonies house. The owner has finally called it quits and I don't blame her. We talked to one of the locals and he told us that she was getting over 1,000 unannounced visitors a day at times! Sometimes very rude people demanding to see the house. She has it tarped and the road is blocked off now.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the movie! It's hard to believe it was so long ago! I may have to watch it again just for old times' sake!

We also saw the school where Kindergarten Cop was filmed. Forgot to get a picture of that.

If you've never been to Astoria then you might not know that basically the city is built on a mountain. When you are at the bottom looking up it looks like the houses are on top of each other.

We drove up to the top and then turned around and drove back down! We are dorks like that! :o) This picture doesn't do it justice as to how steep it really is! It feels like you're at the top of a roller coaster!

We also drove up to see the Astoria Column.

The column is modeled after the Trajan Column in Rome and features a hand-painted spiral frieze that would stretch over 500 feet if unwound. You can read more about it {here}.

Right now it's under construction so this is what it looked like when we were there.

Look at that view!!

You can see the Astoria Bridge that spans the Columbia River and connects Oregon to Washington. We drove over that too... just to say we did! It's 4 miles long!! You can read about it {here}.

This is another view from the column.

We explored the cities of Seaside and Astoria. There are a lot of free-spirited hippies living here... or passing through probably. They do things like this... the signposts all have little knit sweaters!! :o) It just made me smile.

We went into several antique stores since we both like that sort of thing. Most of them were pretty junky. We went into one that was 2 stories. The upstairs was a lot like the others... junky... but when we went down to the basement... oh my!

The spaces down there all seemed to go together and it was beautiful! I loved all the white and the picture frames hanging from the ceiling.

Speaking of ceilings... look!!! I wish my booth space had ceilings like that!!

Here are some more of the spaces.

The player piano rolls hanging from the ceiling caught my eye in this space. and her stars and map flowers!

We tried making onion bombs for dinner. They were pretty tasty but we were so hungry we finished cooking them in the microwave! Basically, it's an onion stuffed with meatloaf and then wrapped in foil and cooked right IN the fire!

After dinner, we got ready to go see the sunset on the beach. This is my daughter all bundled up and acting like a dork... it gets cold at night!

Here is what we saw...

Here we are waiting for it... and would you look at my hair!!!!! EEEEKKKK!!! This is what beach weather does to my hair!! LMAO!!!

This was my first time pulling my little trailer all by myself... without my dad anyway! All in all, I did pretty well... we won't talk about a couple of mistakes I made... live and learn!!!

Here she is with her new special made decals! We had them made in aqua to match the interior. The original decals for this trailer would have been red and white I believe.

We had a great trip but I'm glad to be home!
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