Fall Themed Antique Booth Update

Wow, what a day today was! I went down to my booth at the antique mall and did a revamp of my space for fall! It took me ALL. DAY. LONG. My mom came and helped for several hours and thank God for that or I'd still be there!

Antique booth decorated for fall

Originally I was planning to just add a few fall decorations but then I decided to totally revamp my space.

Truth be told, I'm not doing very well at the antique mall :o( ... and I reeealllly want it to work for me so I've been doing some research online for any tips and tricks that others may have for running a successful booth and I talked to a couple of the other vendors in the same mall I'm in and asked for their advice.

Sadly people around here are still pretty much only into white furniture so I'll be painting things different shades of white from now on although I may have to sneak in a smaller piece in a color now and then. But until I can sell a couple of colorful things the white will have to wait.

In my online searches I found a great resource that some of you (those who also have booths) may be interested in. This blog: Debi Ward Kennedy - Retail Visual Design. She has some really helpful advice... at least I thought it was helpful... we'll see I guess. I'll touch on a couple of the things I learned as I show you my revamped booth.

You DO want to see right?!

Do you remember the antique mall I showed you pictures of from my trip to the Oregon Coast? You can take a look {here} if you missed it. I really liked how one of the booths in that mall used player piano roll pieces hanging from the ceiling in her booth.

Well, I don't have access to hang things from the ceiling in the mall I'm at so I did the next best thing and added pieces of piano roll along the top edge of my booth!

The space that high up is not very buyer friendly  just because they can't reach anything or see the price tags of things hanging that high so I decided to drop everything down a bit.

I was just dying to get my faux fireplace into my space! You can see how I made it from a twin size bookcase headboard here: Faux Fireplace Headboard Makeover.

I love it that I have a mantle to decorate for fall!

The large vintage picture above is something I picked up for my daughter but I think she's over it now! lol! So, I painted the frame white and distressed it a bit. I hung my {junk pumpkins} next to it.

The "Fall" banner is made from drop cloth pieces. I also have some that say "Eek" and "Boo" that you'll see.

The black candle holders on top of the mantle are from last week's TTT. I made some little pumpkins to sit where the candles go from sweater sleeves last night. I used {this tutorial}, it's super easy and there is NO SEWING! Yay!

Next to the fireplace I leaned a door in the corner and brought in this awesome vintage chair! It's pretty comfy and rocks and swivels! The color is perfect for fall too!

This little chippy white side table makes a perfect little magazine rack. I think it used to be a telephone stand. I left it in the originally chippy state that I found it.

A cloche full of mini pumpkins and a cat earring holder that I painted black sit on top.

One of the things I learned from Debi Ward Kennedy's blog is to put yourself in your customers' shoes. Ask yourself the question, "What's the first thing the customer see's as they are walking toward your booth?"

Well in my case it's one of my side wall's. You want to make the first area they see a focal point to draw them into your space.

So, we moved my metal cabinet over to that wall so they can see all the glorious kitchen goodies as they are nearing my space!

Debi also says to angle the things that you have on the edges of your space in toward your booth. It opens up your space, "points" them into the booth, and will naturally draw people in. The items on both sides of the opening to my space are angled in now. And my mannequin is now wearing a cute apron and welcoming visitors in!

So as you get closer you'll then see the green farmhouse table and the fall display I created on top.

We used more of the player piano rolls as a backing to the white shelf above the table and as a table runner!

Then I used two of the wood boxes I have to lift some things up a bit and give them some height on the right side of the table. On the left is a birdcage I painted black. Inside I added some branches from my Contorted Filbert bush I have in my backyard and a cute little vintage owl.

Here's what he looks like! I love his flower eyes!

I also added a sign I made from an old fence board. Here is the sign at my house right after I finished it.

On the other side of my booth, opposite the green table, I created a little shelving unit out of old crates.

I also brought in half of a rickety old ladder I found at the dump to display some burlap sacks on.

Here's a little fall display on top of the crates. I made a pumpkin out of a white glass light fixture and added a cute little white foam pumpkin and a bowl full of acorns next to it.

I also made another fence board sign that says Pumpkins...

It's on the mantle now.

I also learned that people naturally go to the right when entering a booth... isn't that weird?! I'm going to have to pay attention to myself and see if I do that when I go in someone's space!! Is it even possible to pay attention to yourself when your doing weird, subliminal, human tendency things?!

I was going to empty out my booth a lot and try and make it not so cluttered but one of the ladies I talked to at the mall said "NO!!" She said you'll do better if there's lots to look at and choose from so we'll see. She does very well so I'm going to trust her opinion at this point.

I am really happy with how it turned out... now I'm crossing my fingers that I'll start to do better so I can keep doing this because I love it!

My mom drew the spiderweb and spider on this chalkboard! Cute yah?!