Half Bath Redo - Vanity, Tile, and a Mirror

10 September
Happy Thursday, hope your week is going good. :o)

I finally found some time to work in my bathroom over the long weekend.

half bathroom redo

If  you don't remember where we left off with the half bath redo you can go back and check it out here: Demo & A New Vanity. Basically, the last time I showed any work on it I had ripped out the old vanity, sink, and cabinets and installed my new/old dresser turned sink vanity with a pretty white vessel sink.

Here's what it looked like.

In order to have the vanity cover the area where the flooring was missing we had to bump it out from the wall a couple of inches.

We used a scrap of wood from my wood scrap pile and added it to the back of the vanity between it and the wall.

I used some craft paint to match the dresser/vanity. I would have used the leftover paint I used on the dresser except that I painted it about 6 years ago and no longer have that paint!

The blue tape on the wall was the beginning of the next part of my bathroom remodel. I wanted a tile back splash behind my new vanity and sink.

I found some pretty, Moroccan tiles in neutral white at Lowe's and had them cut them for me. I thought about something really colorful and eye catching but in the end I decided that neutral was best. I have a short attention span and like to change things often so neutral is good :o)

The installation was pretty easy but a bit of a pain trying to work behind the sink and faucet!

I just had to spread the mastic on the wall and stick the tiles on! These tiles came in square sheets about 12" x 12" so you just put the whole sheet on the wall.

I filled in around the edges with the cut tiles and added the long straight pieces to give my new back splash a border. The tile has not been grouted yet in this picture.

Still no grout but looking pretty I think!

I did have a couple of mishaps... the corner tile pieces didn't get cut when the guy at Lowe's cut the rest, we just missed them.

I really should have taken the pieces back and asked them to try and cut them but it was only 2 little teeny-tiny tiles... I was being lazy... and he made me so nervous with how close he got his fingers to that saw when cutting a whole sheet I couldn't even imagine him trying to cut ONE tile!!

Seriously... I had to look away when he was cutting... I kept waiting for him to scream and a finger fly out!!

So anyway, I tried to just break the tiles so they were close enough that I could use grout to disguise the rest.

Here it is grouted. I think it worked. You really can't tell unless you are really looking closely.

I did add a little trim piece along the bottom to close up the gap between the vanity and the tiles.

So next I wanted to solve the issue with the flooring that didn't go all the way to the wall. My dad and I patched it with a couple of sheets of thin plywood and I put a little throw rug that I had on it until I could figure out something else.

That's my scale on the right under the vanity... it's been relegated to hiding under the vanity... it's mean to me. Every time I step on that thing it LIES to me!!!

It was my mom who had the brilliant idea of creating a little fabric skirt to hide the patched floor.

I found this bed skirt/dust ruffle, whatever you call it at the thrift shop for $2.99. I really liked the pale aqua and polka dots.

I used the fabric from that dust ruffle and tension rods to add an adorable little flirty skirt! Using a dust ruffle was a great idea because it was already hemmed! All I had to do was hem the sides and sew a little rod pocket into the top.

Three tension rods hold the ruffles in place and the floor is magically disguised!

Cute yah??!!

So now that I have my new/old vanity, new vessel sink and faucet, new tile back splash and you may remember I painted the old light bar...

... now I needed a mirror!

I found this mirror early this yard sale season for about $5 at an estate sale. It's BIG. And it's HEAVY.

But... it got chipped up a little bit :o(

Darn it... I can't live with that... so I had to figure out how to hide the damage.

I found some scraps of old molding in my garage. They don't even match! The two pieces on the right are very old and have been painted multiple times. The pieces on the left were here when I bought the house.

I didn't care that they didn't match... actually, truth be told they aren't even the same size! I thought I could make it work in a rustic, non-matchy sort of way ;o)

I cut my miters. The little shorter pieces had to be spliced together because I didn't have enough long pieces to cut to the length I needed but I did have small scraps! And scraps spliced together = rustic/non-matchy!!

I sanded them all down and painted them green and then painted them white so I could distress them and see the green peeking through the white.

Then I laid all my pieces out and shortly discovered that I had cut two of the pieces backwards!! DOH! And I had no more molding to try again.

When I say backwards it just means that the fat side of the molding doesn't go all the way around on the outside, two of the pieces were cut so that the fat side is on the inside of the frame but my miters still matched up... oh well...

backwards miter cuts = rustic/non-matchy!! Right?? Just say yes mmmkay??

I used Liquid nails to join my miters and then after that dried I flipped it over and added corner braces for stability. Then I caulked the hell out of my mitered areas to try and hide the uneven fat/skinny, skinny/fat junk!

I used Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips, White, 4-Strip to attach my new rustic/non-matchy frame to the mirror to disguise the broken corners.

I love how it turned out! A little tip though if you decide to do this... paint the back side of the frame because the edge will show in the mirror reflection.

Here's my rustic/non-matchy splice.

And some of that green peeking out from under the white. :o)

So now my vanity area in my half bath redo is completed!


I've also been working little, much more boring projects in the bathroom... and while they are little projects they take quite a bit of time!

Like painting and reinstalling the floor molding, painting the back side of the door that I never painted when I did the {laundry room remodel}, painting and reinstalling the TP holder, patching walls, switching out cream colored light switch and plug-in outlets for new white ones, etc., etc.

What do you think so far?

You can see the other half bath redo posts here:

And as a reminder... here's the vanity before!

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  1. Everything looks great but the job on the mirror was my fav.

  2. You are the queen of improvisation! It looks great! Love how the skirt worked out!

  3. Awesome job Tania! I've spliced moldings countless times myself. Great idea and looks fabulous!!

  4. Oh wow! That vanity, that backsplash, that ruffle!!! ... I love your choices! Well done! I would be so happy if you would share this at my Making broken Beautiful party this week! I would be honored if you would help to make this party grow :0)


  5. Wow I love everthing you have done!!! Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time

  6. Just popping by to say thank you so much for joining in on my Making Broken Beautiful party last week! I hope you will come again!


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