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02 September
Recently I've been trying to use my regular Friday's off from my day job and treat them as an official "work day" for my small business. I managed to get some more quickie projects done!

thrift shop flips

These are the projects I grabbed from the garage. Seriously, I've just been walking in there and grabbing the first things I see... I've had all three of these items hanging around for years so I'm glad to get the finished finally!

First up is this tall, skinny cabinet. I think it was meant to be a spice cabinet but it could be used for many purposes.

I removed the metal flower looking inserts before I painted because I wanted to keep them yellow. I almost put chicken wire in their place. I think that would have been cute too. But instead, I chose to put the inserts back in.

A coat of pretty robin's egg blue paint and it's fresh and new again!

One of the shelves is missing but I think you could use that area for something taller.

Next I worked on this piece. It's a reproduction piece, not old but made to look old. It's a coat rack but all the hooks had broken off.

I gave it a coat of butter yellow paint and added some new white hooks.

My plan is to use this in my booth when I have the children's theme to hang the little outfits from.

Then I worked on this little shelf. Pretty ugly in its before state huh?

It's hand made for sure but very sturdy!

I gave this a coat of grey chalk paint and distressed it a little.

Isn't it cute now?!

Actually it could be used for a spice rack too... hanging above the stove perhaps?

So I started off my work day with these projects then I did another quick little project...

I found an adorable green farmhouse table at a garage sale...

Poor little thing... SHE. WAS. SO. DIRTY!!! I think it had been in a garage or something. :o( Not at all the life for an adorable little farmhouse girl like this!

I scrubbed her down and she was just so cute with her chippy green paint with old red and white peeking through here and there.

Tightened up her legs and took here down to my booth at the antique mall.

Her sides fold out to make her a little bigger and look at those cute little spindly legs!

I did a little more rearranging... moved this writing desk to the corner (I wish this thing would sell!)

And moved these bar stools out toward the front... (I wish these would sell even more!) They are so cute but I think they may be just a little too... what's the word I'm looking for... specialized?? They are pink... and girly... with ruffles, pink zebra stripes, and birds... they need just the right buyer.

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  1. I like everything you did but the table is my favorite.

    I've worked from home for over 30 years - I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd have a horrible time trying to adjust to driving to a job and working for someone else.

  2. I really love the gray shelf. What a transformation. Very nice. Ease up on your employee. She is really sweet and very talented. :)

  3. The gray shelf was my favorite UNTIL I saw the farm girl table - she's a beaut! Love how your booth is looking.

  4. Your projects turned out great! I love all three colors you've chosen.

  5. Hi Tania! :)
    Ha ha, you are funny! ;) You are your own boss on Friday - so that means you're allowed to bend the rules a bit!
    I love all three of these little projects. I love that you left the flower inserts, I think they match really good with the blue. Your children's clothes hanger is so cute!
    And your booth looks amazing!
    The farmhouse table is so pretty, love it just the way you left it.
    I hear you about the chairs, I used to try to be 'creative' and then I realized what sells here and just conformed to the masses. The chairs are so cute though!!
    Have a wonderful long weekend...and try to get to work on time tomorrow! ;)

  6. Your booth is so pretty! You do a much better job of using your vertical space than I do. I need to find more stuff to hang on the walls! I too find it hard to stay on task while working from home. My two boys are not in school full time yet, plus I babysit a neighbor who's in preschool, so between kids home with me all day long, housework, etc, I find it difficult to work on blog/booth stuff on any type of a schedule. I do find I accomplish more when I set goals for the week, but I hardly ever set them. I figure it is what it is right now and I just try to roll with it :). ~Amy

    1. That would be hard to stay on task with 3 little ones! Just do what you can do... like you said, it is what it is!! Thanks so much for your comment!


  7. Your booth is so pretty and cheerful! Paint sure can do wonders!

  8. All you projects are great! I love your's really cute.

  9. You have been quite busy and all your projects turned out great. Love your table and your booth is looking so awesome. Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time Cathy

  10. Your projects are all gorgeous!!! Love them!!


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